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By Kayla Johnson

Since June 26th, plans that may have been tentative for months or years before that have been able to take root here in Oklahoma. Businesses involving medical marijuana have sprouted up in shocking numbers throughout the state, taking many people by surprise, and causing a bit of a green boom. Buildings that may have sat empty around the state are suddenly being revived for dispensaries, grow facilities and care clinics. For those that have been biding their time waiting for legalization, they’ve been able to dive right in. As important as it is to have a great product and a great location, one equally important item is surprisingly often overlooked: security. While legalization has changed a lot of things for the better, there is still a serious risk to cannabis businesses and owners from thieves and other criminals. A large number of dispensaries and grow facilities are putting their employees and their product at risk, especially if they’re taking chances of transporting product themselves. Green Group Global, a security and logistics firm here in Oklahoma, is making an effort to not only ensure clients and their businesses are safe but to educate them on the risks that remain today.

An organization comprised of veterans of the military in addition to local and federal law enforcement officers that’s been established in the state since 2013, Green Group Global doesn’t lack for real-world experience. With that experience comes hard lessons that become teachable moments. “All of this experience, we’ve taken a hard look at what we’ve learned, and the needs of the cannabis industry and applied those lessons where it fits.” Zoraida Holmes, chief administrative officer for Green Group Global, stated. “We are dedicated to compliance, and educating business owners. We want businesses to be able to get up and running easily and to be able to continue to grow without delays or setbacks that could have been avoided with proper security measures. Whether it’s surveillance equipment for their dispensary, secured transport from the grower to the processor from the grower, securing cash movements, or even background checks for employees and training.”

With so much care and work being put into the businesses that make up the Oklahoma cannabis industry, it can be hard for business owners to add another item to their to-do list. “We know how hard it is to be in the process of getting your business up and running, especially for small business owners who are pouring their life savings into these companies. While ensuring their business or transports in a medically legal world may seem like just one more chore. All it could take is one setback or incident, and your business could be suffering major losses. Not to mention the potential risk to yourself and your employees.” Green Group employees take their work protecting staff and assets seriously. While there’s obviously a business opportunity for a security firm, it’s so much more than that to the company, according to Holmes. “When businesses have the chance to succeed without security concerns or breaches, other businesses benefit in turn. It creates a more solid, strong industry overall. We see an opportunity to ensure business owners have the tools and information they need, in a way that works for them.” 

For Green Group, the emphasis on proactivity comes from a background of military veterans mixed with law enforcement officers from local and federal agencies. This gives clients the peace of mind knowing that not only is their business secure, but they know exactly what was done to make it secure, and how to move forward in a way that will keep it secure as it grows. “Our employees are CLEET certified, and with our focus on continuing our training, as the industry evolves, we can adjust and adapt to the changing needs of our clients.”  Holmes stated, “The lessons we’ve learned in our previous careers are invaluable when it comes to providing quality service and information business owners need to be both compliant and highly successful within the new medical marijuana industry here in Oklahoma.”

The company is Oklahoma based, and the founders are from Oklahoma themselves. While other companies may be focused on the benefits to their business and income, Green Group’s focus has turned to the benefits of a healthy, safe industry and community.  According to Holmes, it’s personal on top of business since they live here in the state. “This industry is giving a lot of people an opportunity to establish businesses that will then be able to give back to the community. That’s one of the main reasons we want to do our part in making sure the industry doesn’t just keep going but sets the standard for how it’s done for the rest of the country.”

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