Where Did You Get All that Drip

by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine

There’s an essence you get when certain people enter a room or conversation.  I can’t really pinpoint the exact emotion.  It’s the one when you are in a room with someone you’ve only seen through a screen.  Or that magnetic person that was up on stage spitting into a microphone 5 minutes earlier is sitting next to you passing a blunt.  Or when a beautiful woman enters the room full of unsuspecting men and there’s silence.

I’m not sure what that is but I met someone in the Oklahoma cannabis industry that made me feel that way.  Gabriel Quinn is one of the men behind the curtains with SAP XTRAX.

SAP XTRAX is a dedicated team of friends developing only pure, full-spectrum concentrates and extracts. They also provide flowers, topicals, and edibles.

“We are a fully integrated system that not only cultivates marijuana but also it has an avenue for the culture of sales of the product. We actually started off in the industry as loud promotions. We were looking at the cannabis industry and seeing what and how it was going to turn out.  We were thinking okay, well in all the other markets you saw marketing and advertising for cannabis through culture. From social media to clothing it was a feeling for the market.  So when Oklahoma started off we didn’t have that marketing.  We just had dispensaries selling a product and brands that no one knew. So we kind of wanted to be the first to offer innovation and expertise in that area.” Gabriel demanded the room.

“We are really focused on putting Oklahoma on the map in the most fair and honest way and combining culture and cannabis.”  Grant Quinn, COO of SAP was as passionate as his brother Gabriel while speaking of his brand.  “We see a need for quality and we have it.  We think that the best way is through culture, education, and quality.”

Gabriel spoke with a sense of urgency, “We are working with musicians. Red Dirt music and who would have thought Oklahoma had such a hip hop scene?  We also do events and benefits to tie to the community.  We sponsor cannabis events such as Poetry and Chill and educational opportunities like the Cowboy Cup.  We work with Tulsa folks to raise awareness of the race riots and American history that’s really rich in Tulsa.  We believe in getting involved.”

Trey Wiles is the creative director for the group.  We partnered up with the best photographer and videographer in Oklahoma and we said alright, “we want to make things happen for the Cannabis industry and Oklahoma culture.”

The group had an opportunity to sponsor an event called Fire in Little Africa Friday’s. “We were able to really dive into cannabis culture and the Hip-Hop scene in Oklahoma.” Trey was pumped. “We were able to showcase our product while talking about the culture scene in Oklahoma.  The artists gained more attention.  That’s been a great experience for everyone.”

You may have noticed a last name similarity.  Well we all know how fun working with family can be. Grant said it’s interesting. “You know you can trust each other. That’s what’s cool about it and we can literally be at each other’s throats then the next day it’s okay.”

“I can be yelling out one minute but I know I have to turn around and call him whenever there’s an issue and vice versa.” Gabriel was grinning but sincere as he explained. “So It goes vice versa. I mean… it’s crazy.  I was praying for a partner and we got a great team of dedicated people.  10 and growing.”

Innovation and diversification is the strategic plan for this up and coming business to watch.

Tyler Davis is the VP and director of sales for SAP.  “Oklahoma, as we know, is one of the biggest markets in the country right now. So covering everything from dispensaries to processors and growers has proven to be challenging. Everybody wants us right now. It takes time. But we made a name for ourselves. I will walk in shops and some people already know who we are.  It’s nice when that happens in Tulsa and we are based out of OKC.”

Ryan James Circle is the man with the greenest thumb of the group.  “I can’t claim it as my own technique, but we grow in rockwool for our clones and flowering rooms. I use coco for our mother plants. We completely control our environment and irrigation strategy with crop steering to get the best quality and yield possible out of our genetics.”

I’ll say it again.  I know it’s almost become cliche’ to say, but growers just talk in their own language.  That’s why I like to talk to the grower.  I want to know why.  I want to feel what they feel in some way.  So I asked Ryan his favorite strain to grow.  Think about it like a first date.  What movie do you like…

“That’s a very hard question to answer because there have been so many amazing cultivars I’ve had the opportunity to grow. But currently my favorite strain to grow would have to be the cut of Ice Cream Cake from Seedjunky jbeezy. It grows huge beautiful purple, frost covered flowers.”

“The future is bright for SAP, we are just getting started on this journey and we can’t wait to bring more of the best cannabis flower and cannabis products possible to the patients of Oklahoma, and hopefully sometime soon to the rest of the country with the fading stigma and changing laws!” Ryan was able to give a glance at a window of who his character really was and it looked good.

Find out more by visiting SAP online:  sapxtrax.com