5 Ways Cannabis can Enhance your Workout and Improve your Recovery

Amy Lee

Certified Cannacian and Health Coach

Owner of Boho Oils Co

If the thought of using cannabis to enhance your workout and improve your recovery time has you skeptical hopefully, I can provide a new perspective on improving your wellness.


Every person has an endocannabinoid system, this is an internal pathway that communicates and stimulates transmitters within the body to provide homeostasis. Cannabis products support the endocannabinoid system when there is a deficiency or when a receptor has been interrupted. During a typical workout, the body’s receptors are being interrupted consistently. Muscles are being micro-torn in order to rebuild stronger, lungs are expanding to their capacity, trauma to the body may occur,

  1. Anxiety Relief

For many people, the action of going to a gym to complete a workout is very daunting and has been known to cause a social anxiety reaction. Cannabis consumers who suffer from social anxiety may find anxiety relief in a daily cannabidiol tincture or sublingual. For acute or situational anxiety sufferers, smoking may be the best method of delivery due to the fast-acting effects of inhaling a cannabis product. Relief can be felt within 8-10 seconds of smoking. Choosing a CBD dominant strain may provide similar benefits to its THC counterpart without a head high, euphoric feeling or potential paranoia. This is perfect for anyone who prefers to work out at ease without being medicated with THC.



  1. Energy

If you find yourself lacking in energy and desire to work out, a Sativa dominant or uplifting cannabidiol product may stimulate the endocannabinoid system assisting in energy levels and preparing the mind for a positive experience. I find personally that consuming a 10mg Sativa dominant cannabis product an hour prior to a workout layered by minimal smoking 5 minutes prior to a workout sustains the energy and concentration levels I prefer to conquer a workout.


  1. Bronchial Dilator

Often times it is thought that smoking cannabis is “harsh” on the lungs when in actuality inhaling a cannabis product can provide immediate breathing benefits. This is due to cannabis’ unique vasodilator abilities. This means that cannabis has the ability to open the body’s veins within 8 -10 seconds, therefore opening the passageways throughout the lungs as a bronchial dilator. This is also why your eyes may become bloodshot after consuming cannabis. This is a good sign of blood flow throughout the body.


  1. Topical Relief

Using a full spectrum, cannabidiol rich, or THC rich topical offers a transdermal relief that is beneficial after any workout. Topical relief can assist with inflammation, soreness, pain and soothing tired muscles.


  1. Enhanced Whole Body Recovery

For better whole-body recovery, I recommend using a whole flower cannabidiol product every day to consume prior and after a workout. Consuming whole flower and whole plant products will help you achieve the daily recommended dose of omega fatty acids, protein, magnesium, iron, folate and more. Consuming and layering cannabis treatments has been shown to improve recovery time by decreasing inflammation in joints, muscles, soreness, improved rest, gut health, energy levels, blood pressure, glucose levels and much more.


Before you hit the weights or go for that run, take some time and plan your cannabis regimen for the workout phase and repair.


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