About The Cover – Czr Prz

Czr Prz

February 2023

Star Child 16’x20′ painted for Plaza
Walls Mural Festival Oklahoma City
OK 2022

Czr Prz is an urban contemporary artist working in sculptural fabrication, large scale aerosol murals, and all manner of design.

Born and raised in working class Chicago, Prz’s 20 year creative career has spanned America all the way to Europe. Across their multifaceted media, Prz’s artworks tell stories in the folklorico tradition instilled by his Latino-Caribbean upbringing.

Prz recovered from Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2015, a battle that halted his trips abroad, resuming his creative practice without missing a beat. In the
past year alone, Prz has painted murals for CATAN in Albany Park and Paint Memphis Fest in Tennessee. Prz’s fine art fabrication has shown at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco and Epiphany Center for the Arts, where he’s the curator behind Idol Hands, a group show centered around craft on view through Feb. 2022.

Prz is also one half of Ava Grey, a creative firm based in Chicago’s South Side.