About The Cover – Czr Prz

Czr Prz czr-prz.com February 2023 Star Child 16’x20′ painted for Plaza Walls Mural Festival Oklahoma City OK 2022 Czr Prz is an urban contemporary artist working in sculptural fabrication, large scale aerosol murals, and all manner of design. Born and raised in working class Chicago, Prz’s 20 year creative career has spanned America all the […]

Cover Artist – Sean Vali

By Sean Vali I get so hypnotized when I’m drawing or painting. everything around me can disappear in a deep State of Trance that can really place you inside of the moment. Creating for me is trying to capture a vision that’s popped into my head and attempting to translate it into a physical form. […]


JUNE/JULY 2022 Shannon Seitter worked in conjunction with “The Happy Festival” to create this month’s cover of Herbage Magazine. Shannon began a career in art at an early age self teaching to sketch..Shannon was inspired by the junior high art teacher. Shannon watched her paint across canvas and was awestruck by her ability to bring […]

Alex Lestrange Art

Alex Lestrange Art by James Bridges HERBAGE MAGAZINE “All of my life people all around me have said they experience some sort of De ja vu or spiritual moment. It seems strange, but it’s normal to me.” Alex Lestrange’s voice was telling me something I already knew as I was asking her about her work […]

Sonya Spears

by Anna Ervin   When I met local artist Sonya Spears at the Surf Bar in Shawnee, she was thrilled to have found another hangout spot with healthy options in her new community. Sonya had moved from OKC just before the pandemic and was only just now seeming to surface from the initial culture shock […]

Whimsical Imaginations

Whimsical Imaginations Cover Artist, Kathy Long by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine “A lot of my inspiration early on was escaping. I dealt with a lot of trauma as a child. I was always interested in the Whimsical types of things. I’ve always loved fairies and dragons and stuff like that.”  Kathy looked through her […]

Showcasing Love through a Pandemic

by James Bridges All of the “make 2020 disappear” jokes aside, I was on a mission to find some magic. As with many, I am ready to move on and find something wonderful to experience. On a very routine basis I find myself in the bottom of a well looking up at no ladder and […]

Authentic Energy

Kenny Wilmath – cover artist by James Bridges A college drop out with only one thing in mind…. Stop wasting time. When Kenny Wilmath was caught red-handed by his mom drawing a picture of his grandfather he never picked up art again until way far into his 4th grade of grammar school. Kenny had something […]

Art of Design

Cover Artist Tim Jessell by Michael Kinney When cover artist Tim Jessell explains to school students his most famous work of art, they often look at with a quizzical look. Trying to explain the connection between NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and Godzilla often garners him confused stares.    In the late 1990s Jessell […]

At a glance

Haley Bell – Featured Artist by James Bridges Every month I continue to be amazed by great Oklahoma artists and creators.  That alone gives me joy enough to say that my job is pretty awesome.  This month I had the opportunity to glance at some art by Haley Bell.  With that glance something caught my […]

Traditional Quality

by James Bridges A very humble voice answered, “I’d like to own my own design shop of some kind.”  I raised my eyebrows on the inside wondering if he had noticed my initial reaction of surprise from the outside, as I looked over a large pyle of wonderful artwork created by none other than Gilberto […]