Alex Lestrange Art


Alex Lestrange Art

by James Bridges


“All of my life people all around me have said they experience some sort of De ja vu or spiritual moment. It seems strange, but it’s normal to me.” Alex Lestrange’s voice was telling me something I already knew as I was asking her about her work and life.

STOP LOOKING AT ME by James Bridges

I knew because I had experienced something once I noticed the painting that is currently on the cover of this magazine. I recalled a very vivid dream that I had about two weeks before. The unnecessary naming of a condition called anxiety has become such a household diagnosis that I question my motivations to even write the term down. Anxiety…“Cannabis helps me with my art, but it helps me get through my day. I have severe anxiety.

I consider myself somewhat of a hermit. I spend a lot of time alone and I try to work on myself.”Alex’s voice was quiet.I asked her about this painting specifically. I wanted to know if it meant the same thing to her as it did to me.

She told me it was from one older Japanese style of art. It meant luck.

Though it wasn’t the same meaning that was swimming in my head, it was a very positive one.I noticed a flare of energy come from the phone as I felt Alex didn’t want to miss the chance to say, “I wanted to do this art for my Grandmother. She passed away recently. This was for her.”

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