Apparition Artistry


by Brittiany Adilas

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing for all the hauntingly fun costumes to consider for arguably the best holiday, Halloween! If you are looking for some inspiration for those costumes, look no further than a local gal by the name of Kash Clemishire. Being born with a badass name just added to the badass that this lady is. Kash has expansive creative chops and has really honed in on those skills which she showcases on her @Apparition_Artistry profile page on Insta. Coming from a very creative background Kash now uses her skills to create an immersive experience for those that are into the more spine-chilling side of life. Graduate from OSU in the arts, she uses her love for makeup, acting, and writing to bring characters to life in ways that could only be brought to you by someone as creative and lively as Kash Clemishire.


Looking for a little mayhem, a little mystery, a little murder, throw in a dash of marijuana and you are for sure to have a good time. Kash has teamed up with Hempton Heights to bring a murder mystery dinner like no other. Upon being asked to write the script for the immersive experience Kash said, “When I was asked to write for them, they hadn’t even known that I used to work for a murder mystery troupe in Nashville. So I knew exactly how to write, create, and come up with everything for this.” Life does have a way of doing that, sometimes you end up just where you need to be, unexpectedly. Even the quarantine unexpectedly gave her more time to work on the makeup part of her creative side and she has been able to really showcase those creations on her Apparition Artistry profile. Even doing several IGTV tutorials for her creations. Some of her first looks you can find are her versions of Poison Ivy, the CorpseBride, and even Pennywise. She has a flair for the scary and sexy, but can easily pull off Ariel, Alice in Wonderland, and even The Fairy Godmother. Which is great being that she may end up playing many characters for the many upcoming events held at Hempton Heights….who knows….I know, but I can’t tell you (maniacal laughter).


With so many fun ways to create new experiences that include cannabis, I’m sure we are bound to see more ways that Kash can bring new experiences to this ever growing community. Apparition Artistry is not only a page that showcases her abilities but it’s a way for you to contact Kash to get your costume makeup done by her. This way you know your costume for everyone’s favorite holiday is on point. There are so many ways to support your local artists! When you book a stay at Hempton Heights on the days of the events like, Murder + Mystery, the event is included thanks to sponsors in the cannabis community. Thus allowing you to support Kash in her creative journey and give you tons of entertainment along the way.