October Strainology

by Rayne Graham

Your October 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it! Happy Halloween!


 Aries: You might be feeling like the goop between the caterpillar and the butterfly stages of metamorphosis dear Aries. Keep pushing, this month will bring you growth confidence and clarity so you might just be at the end of this transformation period. Grab the hybrid Sour Sorbet for a pick me up while going through all this change.
Taurus:This month brings a chance to review your relationships with those closest to you and decide what air needs to be cleared or even released. Do you need to stand your ground on an issue that has been bothering you? Now is the perfect time to do it. Stay chilled and relaxed while you hold your ground with the hybrid Designer OG for October.
Gemini:You are more susceptible to the energy around you this month Gemini. This meansthat you will be able to help others on a deeper level, it also means you will need to learn how to clean your energy field of stagnant negative energy to not feel drained. Try meditation, yoga, or even crystal therapy to help with this. Grab the hybrid Bubble Bomb to help you relax after a day of energy interactions.
Cancer: That restless feeling you have inside this month dear Cancer isn’t because of anything going on outside of you. No, it is was it going on inside of you that is posing the problem. You must grow and allow yourself to develop, what talents have you been ignoring lately? Calm your nerves and journey inward with the ever-popular Hybrid GG4.
Leo:October will give you the opportunity to either feel inspired or tired and honestly it is allup to you on which that is. You must be willing to have an open mind, heart, and energy when it comes to those around you and you will do just fine. Grab the hybrid Strawberry Banana to stay happy and Euphoric through it all, no matter which lesson you choose.
Virgo:Emotions are running high this month Virgo and you are not exception to this. Try not to let angry words get in the way of your tasks and try and take a time out if you feel things are going to get heated with those around you. This energy will pass soon, and you will be glad you held your tongue. Take a chill pill in the form of the Indica Forbidden Fruit to get you through the angry times.
Libra:Happy Birthday Libra! Now is the time to follow your passion, whatever that may be and work it into something you can use to support yourself. This can be anything but be sure you are following your heart and not what others are telling you to do. Grab the Hybrid Wedding Cake to help celebrate your big month!

Scorpio:This month is here to teach you to go with the flow and allow change to happen Scorpio. This will give you some perfect time to catch up on the fun you have been missing out on trying to be on top of everything. Grab the hybrid Fire OG and enjoy the long-lasting calming effects for October.
Sagittarius:You have been growing more and more into the person that us more, well, you dear Sagittarius. When this happens, the universe sends out tests and this month you will be going through them. This isn’t a bad thing; however, this will bring new and exciting ways to help you to grow. Stay uplifted during this process with the Sativa Ghost Train Haze, just in time for Halloween too!
Capricorn:You might have a lot of new projects on the mind this month Capricorn. However, it is important for you to wrap up any old projects you’re still working on before you start anything new. Stay energized for all the things in October from wrapping up to starting new with the Hybrid Golden Goat.
Aquarius:Things haven’t been very perfect lately dear Aquarius, but this month you will gain assurance you are going in the right direction. Keep going, you will be amazed at what is at the top of this mountain for you. Stay focused on your goals and ambitions with the hybrid Blue Dream for October.
Pisces: Your emotions and those of the people around you have been all over the place lately and this month is here to teach you that you need to start learning how to “ground” yourself. This is the act of staying balanced without losing the essence of your spirit. Stay relaxed while you learn to ground yourself by picking up the Indica Cookies Kush.

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