Beauty and The Beastly Beats: Metal in Yale?

by Alex Marie

Storms raged on the horizon at Slab Labs Phoenix Freedom Fest in Yale, Oklahoma, as Sixth Gear performed “………”.  The air, still heavy from the July summer heat was filled with the power emitting from the stage.  Jedvard Dracul (vocals), Brandon W Grier (Guitar), and Tomahawk Reeder(bass)  are the monstrous musicians that make up this band that caught my eye.

The selection of performers was fierce, but with Oklahoma’s self-proclaimed Vampire on their vocals, Sixth Gear had me in a trance. With bold war paint adorned, this band demanded attention. I was humbled that they were giving me the chance to sit down and converse on their creative processes and why they make their art.  “Jed”, Brandon, Tomahawk and I spoke on many topics, the mundane and the mysterious. The truth to why I was there was to understand these creative creatures and what Metal means to them.


Sixth Gear’s story is one of Fear, Perseverance and Fighting the demons that keep us from accomplishing our dreams.  Music is the life blood of this trio, far from a hobby. I truly believe they could not survive without the sustenance provided by performing.

Their one true goal is to inspire people to become who they truly want to be.

Drop all expectations paint your face and roar to the sky!  Freedom is exactly the word I would use to describe the vibe of Slab Labs Pheonix Freedom Fest. The List of the performers was long and unfortunately Sixth Gear Brought down the sky and the event ended early. This break in Oklahoma’s usual programming was refreshing and exactly what my soul needed. A fan they’ll have in me forever. I can’t wait to see what they have in store. Creative creatures are everywhere especially in this beautiful state. Ill find them and show you exactly what their doing.  stay tuned.

Love, Alex

P.S. I hear Sixth Gears looking for a Drummer 😉 if you know anyone, their holding auditions soon just get in contact with them via their socials.

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