Making Cannabis a Family Business

by Brittiany Ralls

Growing up I was never around cannabis. My family is primarily floor installers that came from Christian backgrounds. The women stayed home with the kids a lot and those that did work, did mostly secretarial work. Being that the family business was primarily flooring, I never really learned the trade like my brothers did. Leaving me wanting for a career that could include all of MY family. Plus I wanted it to be something my family would care about and I could tell that flooring wasn’t it. Not that I don’t love the smell of fresh laid carpet, just that I want my family to feel like we are or can make a difference in this world.

My family used to frown upon anyone using cannabis and I loved my family. I wanted to make them proud. Once I turned 18 I went through a more rebellious stage where their opinion didn’t matter to me as much and I was wanting to determine how I wanted to see the world. Cannabis was introduced to me by a classmate from Cosmetology school and here I am today writing about my cannabis experiences and educating others on the wonder that cannabis is.

I am hoping to share my love of cannabis with my immediate family and my extended canna-family.


When I first started as a budtender I really had no idea how much this industry and community would change my life and my family‘s life. My husband and I both are part of the cannabis community and my children are already making plans to continue that heritage.  As a woman it makes me so proud to know that we are able to teach our kids about cannabis and they all know, boy and girl alike, that they have a place in this community. We are teaching them how to grow, what cannabis is and all the amazing medicinal qualities it has. We are teaching them business aspects and all the implications of cannabis still being federally illegal. There is such an abundance of information to know to be able to help the community you are within. It’s our hope to teach them this more than anything. Never stop learning, never stop expanding your knowledge on something you love. As a mother I feel doing this with my kids is showing them that doing the things you love are possible.


As time goes on more and more families will be like us. As more states legalize and more see what we already have seen with the benefits of cannabis, they won’t turn a blind eye anymore. Making room for the large scale cannabis corporations and small mom and pop stores alike to thrive. Allowing for many family businesses big and small to make their impact and have their piece of history. Which is part of what we intend to do for ourselves. Write our own story in history. Tell others stories in our community, and build the family business we always wanted. No matter where this life takes my family we always know cannabis will be a part of it. We believe in the ability for it to help us heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Leaving a want of virtue within those in the cannabis community, and the grit to pursue it.

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