Building Strength

by Cassie Alexander

This has been a year of unwelcome change for many people. But, what if it wasn’t such a horrible year? What if 2020 was the year you learned that you can follow the rules even when they don’t make sense to

Almost as Pretty as Me by Cassie Alexander

you? What if it was the year that you learned that sometimes it’s ok to break the rules for the sake of your mental health? What if 2020 was the year you learned how resilient you are?

We walk through life narrating our own story and, often, it’s the negative storylines that get stuck in our head. When that happens, we can only see the world through that narrative. We can look at the events that have unfolded this year as a horrible experience, or we can look at them with a fresher, wiser, perspective. What did you learn about yourself? Did you learn that it’s ok to say no to some of your traditional social gatherings? Did you learn that your family enjoys not being involved in activities that keep you away from the house 5 nights a week? Did you learn that you can be alone?

There are so many good things that came from this difficult year. Don’t let 2020 be the worst year of your life, let it be the year of strength and perspective. Take a step outside of your narrative and recognize the strength you have that got you through it.

“Hard times create strong men” – G. Michael Hopf