Cannabis Careers Series: Resume Tips- Trimmer


Written By: Veronica Castillo

In my previous Cannabis careers piece, I said:

“It’s best to use words in the job description or as close as possible if the experience relates. No lying- just editing to align your experience with how the job posting describes it.”

I didn’t explain why so, I will address it here. The reason is- ATS.

ATS are applicant tracking systems that are used by corporations to assist with recruitment and hiring processes. Each system offers a different combination and scope of features, but ATS are primarily used to help hiring companies collect, organize, and filter applicants. Corporate recruiters can have their ATS automatically extract information from an applicant’s resume to build a digital applicant profile that can be searched, filtered, and/or ranked. The goal is to quickly cull out anyone who is under-qualified, make the applicant pool smaller, and quickly identify the top candidates.

This means that the scan is primary and human eyes are secondary. It takes strategy and insight to get your resume in front of human eyes therefore, the way it reads and how it’s formatted is crucial.

Cannabis trimming

This piece is for Trimmers and those aspiring to be. Requirements associated with the role of Cannabis Trimmer:

Responsible for the manicuring and preparation of the cannabis plant, cutting the flowers and leaves off the branches according to the company’s grading system, and following company sanitation guidelines, including the proper use of sanitary/protective gloves.

For landscapers, gardeners, maintenance specialists- this is easy to discuss in a resume because the experience aligns. This information should be listed with the experience section of the resume- under each related role.

Instead of saying: “I cut grass and trimmed trees”, you’d say: manicured a variety of greenery, using sanitary and safety guidelines set forth by the company.

The goal when you “apply now” is for ATS to see your resume as “qualified” so that a human can get their hands on it and get you into an interview.

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