Pretty Products for Holistic Healing by Alex Marie

by Alex Marie

Good day all you stunning stoners! I have a massive Q for you! Are you tired of memorabilia and mundane cannabis gear? In a world moving away from stoner stigma and into the light of holistic healing, I believe we deserve more. Beauty shouldn’t just be in the bud, especially with the web offering us beauty in mass. Headshop hangouts have become a thing of the past. Retail Rebels turned into medical marvels. Dispensaries tend to focus more on product than the equipment needed to medicate.

Well gone are the days of stigma and the cartoon demographic.

 I have compiled a small list of pretty products I know you will love!  From customization to good old relaxation these brands will bring you bold beauty to replace your basic bongs and blunts.  Bongs come in all shapes and sizes! Most are geared toward conspiracy and budding masculinity. Well, My Bud Vase has the perfect pieces for the high maintenance and the low. My Bud Vase gives you many tasteful options that are perfect for the morning wake and bake or the mantel! With their variety, I’m positive you’ll find the one for you!

holistic healing

Bongs are like songs and not everyone enjoys the tune. If pipes and paper are more your style, then hold on to your hash. Stoned Queen has a multitude of marvelous options from patterned cones and papers to grinders and pipes that couldn’t be more amazing. Stoned Queen’s Etsy store is organized well and their responses were quick for any and all of my questions!

Another exquisite Etsy store is NicoleMArtDecor! This artist is the queen of customization. Her products have bold beauty; she also listens to her client and keeps in constant contact in order to ensure your creative collaboration is perfect for you. Ordering a custom tray was all I could think of after I caught the glimmer of one on Instagram she had made for a client. With ease and easy conversation, Nicole brought my imagination to life and I couldn’t be more pleased with my custom tray, or as I like to call it my “bud board.”

These are just a few of the options I’ve hunted down to share with all of you. With stigma of the marijuana bud fading, artists and designers will have the opportunity to expand their minds and bring us elegance and beauty to the cannabis community. Check out these beautiful brands to see their collections.

Come back to me soon for product reviews just for you!


Stay beautiful, buds.

Love, Alex

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