Chocolate Fever: 4 Medicated Chocolates for Every Type of Consumer

Chocolate  Fever: 4 Medicated Chocolates for Every Type of Consumer

by Anna Ervin

Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love edibles. They might also tell you how much of a lightweight I am when it comes to cannabis. Let me just paint a picture for you: a 2mg gummy is a good starting point for me, 5 is typically a comfortable dose, 10 will give me the giggles and a strong urge to procrastinate, while anything beyond 20 might just put me to sleep.

I’m sure you can imagine how daunting of a task it was to write this article, however, I’m a foodie. So anytime I’m presented with the opportunity to eat a bunch of medicated chocolate and call that “work,” I’m not about to back down from the challenge.

I know there are many different types of cannabis consumers out there, so I tried to include a variety of different types of infused chocolates. Whether you’re looking for flavor, dosage, or quality ingredients there’s something for everyone on this list… Unless you don’t like chocolate, an atrocity that I may or may not judge you for.

Because I chose such a broad variety of products, I decided to organize them into five categories: best overall flavor, full-spectrum product, high dosage, and low dosage. Supporting local businesses is important to me, so each of the brands I selected are 100% Oklahoma-owned operations, aside from Dabba, a Denver company that moved into Oklahoma’s markets with a product I simply could not overlook (it’s that good).


Best Overall Flavor – Dandy Lion’s Salted Caramel Butterscotch Bar

25 mg – 250 mg per bar

This category was tough to fill because every product on this list tastes amazing, but one brand went above and beyond when it comes to flavor. Dandy Lion’s Salted Caramel Butterscotch bars taste like something you would pick up in a gourmet chocolate shop, and they look the part too. Infused with distillate and hand painted with an abstract design, this is one of those edibles I would almost prefer to have not infused, simply so I could eat as much as I want without overmedicating.

Dandy Lion offers a number of different flavored chocolate bars. If milk chocolate isn’t your thing, check out their Strawberry Shortcake or Mint Dark Chocolate bars. You won’t be disappointed.



Full Spectrum – Bison Extracts’ Infused Milk Chocolate Bar

200 mg per bar

With so many products on the market, it can sometimes prove difficult to find edibles that provide the entourage effect that our endocannabinoid systems crave. Bison Extracts uses full-spectrum, CO2 extracted cannabis oil with native terpenes to infuse their products, making these rich-flavored chocolates strain specific. This makes it easy for consumers to find a product that works for their specific needs, by paying attention to the terpene and cannabinoid profiles unique to each strain.

Bison also offers micro-dosed Chocolate Espresso Beans that are 5mg per serving for those of us looking for a richer flavor, smaller dose, and hint of caffeine.



High & Low Dosage – Oklahoma Medicine’s Peanut Butter Cups

50 mg – 150 mg per package | offers 500 mg CBD option

Have you ever experienced the disappointment that comes with trying an edible that reminds you of your favorite candy, only to find that the familiar flavor you hoped for is completely missing? Had these peanut butter cups come from any other brand, I might have been hesitant to try them. However, Oklahoma Medicine consistently delivers top notch products and these sweet, savory peanut butter cups are no exception.

Not only is this Oklahoma born company providing products using the purest ingredients, but they also offer a variety of dosage options for each type of consumer, including those looking for strictly CBD-infused products.



Sleep Aid – Dabba Raspberry Chocolate Bar with Melatonin

110 mg per bar

I had never taken melatonin before trying this chocolate because I’ve never really felt like I needed it. I typically have no issues falling asleep, but sometimes staying asleep can be more difficult. I felt weary of taking something that might make me feel drowsy the next day, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Infused with both THC and CBN, a 10 mg serving of Dabba’s Raspberry Chocolate bar gave me the absolute best sleep of my life, and I will absolutely be keeping a constant stash of these in my bedside table.

This Denver-based company also offers options without melatonin in an array of different flavors.