Combining Medicinal Herbs; Cannabis and Peppermint


by Veronica Castillo


Did you know that growing different plants close to one another can enrich the soil and deter insects? Cannabis and peppermint are a great duo in that regard. You’d be surprised at the number of insects and other pests that try to make meals out of Cannabis plants. 

Peppermint, the child of watermint and spearmint, is known as a powerful healer. It’s indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, and is mostly recognized for its impact on clearing respiratory passages and enabling deeper and clearer breathing. Fun fact- its scientific name is “metha piperita”.

Peppermint and Health

Peppermint can be smoked and/or consumed orally by way of leaves, tea, and candy. Peppermint can also be used in topicals and edibles- just like Cannabis. And just like Cannabis, peppermint carries the terpene, limonene. Limonene is a terpene that also found in lemon rind and promotes anxiety and stress relief. 

Cannabis and Peppermint Combined- 5 Benefits

Cannabis and peppermint combined, provide the following benefits:

1.) Cannabis and peppermint combined and alone are great for respiratory health (non-smoked). Menthol is good for nasal health ad Cannabis is a great anti-inflammatory.

2.) Cannabis and peppermint contribute to appetite stimulation/ reduction of appetite. Yes, some Cannabis strains will lead to munchies, but there are many that don’t and so the opposite instead.

3.) Both Cannabis and peppermint have multiple pain relief benefits so, combined, they make a great treatment for pain. 

4.) Cannabis and peppermint are both great for migraines. From experience, I can say that smokable Cannabis and peppermint combined, and/or peppermint oil and Cannabis oil on my temples, have saved many of my days. 

5.) Cannabis and peppermint both support stress relief and both boost relaxation. Combined, they create an awesome unwind and Netflix and chill day.

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