Community Wins

By Tab Moura

In uncertain times, we all begin to look around and consider what matters most to us. Considering the fact that an overwhelming amount of cannabis patients are immunocompromised, Covid-19 is a hot topic among us. What are our priorities and habits when we’re isolated from the outside world more than ever before? I see my husband working busily in our home office; we’re both so thankful that his work is flexible during this time. My children were already using virtual school, but we are accustomed to making several trips to therapies during the week, and outings to church and parks; this much home-time is unnatural for all of us.

As a disabled person this situation illuminates the things in my life that I can control, and what I cannot. I spent most of 2019 unable to drive due to Epilepsy that was not-yet managed. Like many of you, my life came to screeching halt this past March. Taking care of myself, my family and my business has not gone smoothly. What I have learned during this crisis has given me hope: community spreads faster than Covid-19.

If it cannot be done virtually, it’s canceled; we have all experienced this. I have been in quarantine for 17 days now; I have only left the house for an essential doctor appointment. Our family has food allergies, compromised immune systems, and neurological and developmental challenges. All 5 members of my family are OMMA card holding cannabis patients, we are thankful to still have full access to our medicine during such a stressful time. I heard someone once say that situations like this are easier for those of us who are “used to it”… let me be clear, there is no easier version of this situation out there, we just know it would be worse if we were to get sick.

I’m not the boss of anything, but if you need permission to vent, cry, take naps, etc… you have it! We are all being asked to do something superhuman, so take time to be human. If you don’t have one, right now would be a great time to create a dosing schedule for your cannabis medicine, so you can support any potential depression or anxiety that’s emerging during this situation. This is also helpful if you need to make you medicine funds go further.

None of us were ready to go into our homes and lock down for 6 weeks. As I sit in my office, headphones on and my kids are finally asleep in bed, I reflect on how overwhelming these weeks have been, but also how miraculously people have come together. Just in my own life, relying on grocery delivery, we have seriously struggled to find some of our hypoallergenic foods. I brought this concern to friends and family; before I knew it there was a group message going with multiple people making trips to grocery stores for us, and our fridge was full again. If you are immune compromised, facing extreme isolation right now, please bring this to the community’s attention. There are ways to get help with minimal contact.

We hear of people banding together in creative ways, from an entire neighborhood doing exercise together on their patios, to parking lots full of vehicles flashing their headlights and honking their horns, celebrating the hard work of individuals in our hospitals. While we may not be able to pass the blunt between one another right now, 4/20 is upon us. What modified plans do you have (in lieu of the shelter-in-place/quarantine protocols) to celebrate 420 with your cannacommunity? We would love to hear about it!

Keep looking out for your immune compromised friends and loved ones. And above all, keep demonstrating extreme community; your creativity and determination is bringing hope to isolated people next door, and across the globe.

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