Celebrating 420 At Home

by Brittney Graham

Just because we are staying home this month doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate 420 in some pretty epically green ways. I mean, its 2020 which means the entire month this month is all about the green. What better way to take our minds off some of the more serious things going on by celebrating this Cannabis holiday is stoner creative ways?  Here are some fun ways to celebrate 420 without leaving your house!

Hot Box Tent

Let’s start out list out with a bang! You can either make your blanket fort inside or pitch a tent outside in your back yard for this one. Hot boxing is when you light up a joint in an enclosed space so that you can breathe in the smoke your toking out.  This is normally done in a group but who says we can’t facetime and hotbox?

Eat a fancy Edible

Head over to your favorite dispensary and grab a fancy edible to celebrate the day, or in this case, the month. If you are new to the edible game, be sure to start small no matter what day it is. If not, try something you haven’t tried before and let the delicious morsel take effect. A majority of dispensaries have changed their protocol to curbside pick up so be sure to check before you order.

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Get Creative

After you medicate, paint or draw a picture, even if you aren’t an artist! Seriously, you would be surprised just how differently you see things after having a new edible or hotboxing in your living room. This doesn’t need to be fancy, use your fingers or chalk on your sidewalk. Fill little balloons with paint and throw darts at them on a canvas. Do what speaks to you.




Watch Some Classic Stoner Movies

Facebook watch allows you and your friends to be able to watch movies together while apart. The chrome extension for Netflix does this as well! In fact, there are tons of ways to be able to watch some of your favorite stoner movies this month with your friends even though we are social distancing. Make it a game; try to watch 5 classic stoner movies in one sitting. Sure, it sounds easy now, but when your 5 bowls and 4 movies in and just trying to stay conscious while Cheech rolls the worlds biggest joint it won’t seem like such an easy feat.

Here are some recommendations: Half Baked, Harold and Kumar, Dazed and Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, How High, Friday, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and The Big Lebowski.

Build a Scooby Doo Sandwich

There are a lot of different strains out there that will give you the munchies. While we explore those strains this month why not make it epic with a giant Scooby Doo like sandwich? You know, with as much produce and veggies you can throw on your hoagie? Of course, be aware of the times and be sure to not waste any of your preciously stockpiled food but have fun with it. We are celebrating 420 after all.

Inhale at 4:20

Inhaling cannabis smoke at 4:20 pm on 4/20 is epic, for a game changer be sure to light up at 4:20am too.

Play Some Old School Video Games

Seriously, tell me you didn’t find a Nintendo 64 or SAGA while you were spring cleaning the first week of isolation? Power those babies up and have a day of Golden Eye, Super Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Bake a Cake

Last, but certainly not least on our list is baking an epic 420 cake! Go all out with you ganja infused delicious masterpiece adding some canna butter and whipped frosting. Who says you can’t make it into the shape of a giant bong or pot leaf? Make some candle joints while you are at it so you can blow those candles out right in the name of this green holiday.

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