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The EVRI Device

by Anna Ervin

When the boss man invited me to write a product review over the EVRI device, I was thrilled. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the most experienced concentrate user in the industry, but your girl does love dabs. Why? Because they’re convenient, depending on the quality of product they can taste a lot better, and if I catch them at just the right temp, dabs don’t destroy my lungs.  

When concentrates first showed up in my life, I had no idea what to expect. Fortunately, I had friends and family to (literally) light the way for meLooking back on that, I can see why a lot of people still shy away from extracts. I was lucky to have influences in my life who made a blow torch seem less intimidating, and who educated me on the proper way to consume. 

But what if you don’t have that support and you’re ready to dive into the world of concentrates but have no clue where to even begin? Enter Dip Devices, a company designed to make dabbing a little less intimidating, while also offering greater versatility and convenience of use 

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I dug a little deeper into what makes Dip Devices, as a company, tick and I’ve learned that this Denver-based operation is the brainchild of Matt Watson and Mike Bologna. Matt set out in 2014 to create a device that would take the stress out of dabbing, and by 2017 had teamed up with Mike to release their first device, the Dipper Vaporizer, a 2-in1 dab pen and dab straw 

Before long they realized the need for a product that offered a little more versatility, and with that the EVRI device was born. The starter kit includes a battery, the Vapor Tip attachment, and the 510/Pod attachmentThey also offer a compatible Quartz Crystal Nail attachment that can be purchased separately.  

Small, Discreet, Travel-Friendly 

The first thing that surprised me about the EVRI device was its compact, subtle appearance. I took this battery to the Cowboy Cup this year and it’s perfect for traveling. The protective cover for the dip attachment minimizes the mess that carrying a nectar collector can leave behind, and the battery powered coil means I can finally leave the blow torch at home (where it’s probably a lot safer… for everyone).  

The variety of different attachments I have to choose from makes me feel like this is the future of cannabis consumption. We now have everything so conveniently at our fingertips. However, the attachment you will most likely see me leaving the house with is the quartz crystal nail. I can load it up before I head out for the day and I’m typically set until I get home.  

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Beginner Friendly with 3 Temperature Settings 

The EVRI battery works best with a slow draw, which isn’t for everyone. In my opinion, the slower the draw, the more flavor preservation. I feel like each attachment is designed for consumers of various experience levels to explore and find what works for them. I typically prefer low temp dabs, and I think that they can be great for people just getting into dabbing as well, so I really appreciate the three different temperature settings on the battery.  

I worry that the lowest temperature setting may be too low for the dip attachment and end up clogging up the coil. Instead I’ve been using the medium and high settings with that and they seem to do a lot better. At no point have I felt like the highest setting was too hotI was reluctant to even try the highest setting, but pleasantly surprised to find that it overall delivered the same smooth, flavorful experience. 

Affordability and Activism 

The EVRI Device is surprisingly affordable, considering all that it offers. The batteries are long-lasting, and replacement attachments run $10-15. But I think that my favorite thing about this company is that they give back to the community in so many ways. When I spoke with company founder Matt Watson and CEO Mike Balognathey each stressed that activism was the core of their company. Dip Devices donates 1% of all EVRI sales to drug policy reform, and depending on the color of device purchasedan additional 1% are donated to organizations representing important social issues.

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