Call me nuts – Gorilla Nut review

by James Bridges – Herbage Magazine

Grower – Pharm+House OK

From the corner of my eye the couch calls my name. It’s late. It’s been one hell of a day. It’s time to bake.

I opened the seal and out came the sweet terpine punch my nose required to embrace what was about to medicate this head of mine. It was my first G-Nut from a fresh harvest.

Breaking open the dense nugs I noticed the stickiness of this monster gorilla not wanting to let go of the grasp it held inside its nucleus. I was near salivation at this point.

Grind, grind, grind. The sweet smell grows stronger with the prep. In the bowl and light the fire. Boom goes the dynamite.

The taste was everything it was set up to be. Earthy, sweet, spicy, a nut lover’s dream. Time to unwind…

After my usual intake I am very pleased with the body high. Relaxed and connected to the ground is how I would explain the feeling. Something unusual happened. I realized I was stoned. It’s rare for me. Sad, but rare. However, when it does happen it’s fantastic.

I started to notice a strong sense of focus. It was a focus I normally feel from a more sativa dominant strain. By the time I finally looked around, (who knows how long I was in my good headspace) both my living room and kitchen areas were spotless and I felt great.

This was an experience I was not expecting. I was super-focused while also very relaxed and connected. The taste and smell of the burn was wonderful and had everything an earthy nut lover wanted.

You must visit Pharm+House OK before this limited strain is gone. Tell them I sent you and see if they kick you out of the place…

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