Essentially Crafted

by James Bridges
Herbage Magazine

It’s been about a year. I was turned on, I’ll admit I’m guilty of it. At first I was curious because of the branding and logo. However, I was not disappointed and certainly have not been since.

I haven’t visited the flower that enticed me from this aptly named essential company in a while. I wasn’t going to turn down the idea of revisiting and sampling from many of their strains. It’s something I wake up and think about… If you would like you can read along.

Today I chose to try El Chapo grown by this family owned craft cannabis operation.

It’s a fact. I have experienced when breaking up my flower from Essential Flowers is it’s consistency in density. There’s always that little snap that you get along with the sticky residue hanging on for dear life as it’s stretched apart to create what is always a good smokeable product. This time was no different.

The smell, taste, and texture of the overall El Chapo experience was on par. The gassy, pine aroma made my mouth water. But I would like to express its effects of this strain and the reason why I will, most definitely, be double dipping.

The definition of insanity is to do the same….yada, yada, yada, yada… Seriously though. I do this every time. I talk myself into going heavy indica during the day. The math hardly ever makes sense, but the effect is one that would turn a math wizard into a mad scientist.

The stress and anxiety of anything that was remotely twisting me up inside was gone within only a couple of turns of the long hand. I had some pain in my upper back and even abdominal issues that were derived from this stress. Both were almost instantly remedied.

Pain relief, relaxation, and sedation are among many of the effects when doing a simple google search. Don’t be too cautious of that last word, “sedation.” This is a perfect daytime performer for many who suffer high anxiety and stress.

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