The Terp Series: Caryophyllene, the Soother


by Brittiany Ralls


Terpenes are the aromas that we smell in our cannabis (and throughout everything in our day-to-day lives) and they also possibly have the ability to assist our bodies in its natural healing processes. Which we should know at this point since we have already covered Myrcene and Limonene in the terpene series “The Life Givers.” Calling them “life givers” is merely a way to say that they assist us in our health and well-being. There is still more research needed to further prove to what extent each terpene can assist a human but a lot of holistic healers swear by natural remedies. As we move along in our series our next terpene that we discuss is a soothing one, caryophyllene. Very interesting terpene that has some amazing capabilities, caryophyllene is a terpene that I call “The Soother,” it is apt to soothe ailments and conditions.

Smelling of black pepper and cloves, caryophyllene is a terpene that is loved by many patients.


With all the anti-abilities of caryophyllene it’s a terpene that’s already been proven to assist in the soothing conditions primarily dealing with our peripheral organs which includes the eyes, ears, organs that connect to our glands, blood vessels and muscles. Caryophyllene is able to connect to our bodies through CB2 receptors, making this terpene the only one capable of this. Allowing for healing aspects from caryophyllene just like with THC without the psychoactive effects. The therapeutic benefits of caryophyllene is very present when used with topicals and salves, making a very sought after terpene.

Gastro-intestinal issues plague many, making life difficult, but caryophyllene has the ability to soothe these problems.

Assisting with digestion and helping your body to process better. Thus the name “The Soother.” Soothing our bodies in such a way that it can even help with reducing alcohol intake. Making it an option for those struggling with addictions. With all the capabilities of reducing inflammation, caryophyllene is able to assist in longevity of lifespan by helping to reduce inflammation on the brain and reduce plaque build-up within our hearts arteries. Not to mention the ability of caryophyllene to increase genes and proteins that terminate cancer cells. Including cancers like lung, kidney, liver and lymphoma just to name a few.


When wanting to find a strain that has caryophyllene in it, use your old honker and see if the strain smells of black pepper or cloves. There is a certain bite to the smell so it can be recognized somewhat easily. Otherwise look for strains like GSC, Bubba Kush and Gelato. Sometimes body aches and pains can really benefit from topicals making this a great choice if making your own salves or trying to determine what might work for you. Personally I like to smoke strains with caryophyllene since it helps so much with digestion and that is something that my body has always had a hard time with. With the endless possibilities that caryophyllene could possibly offer, I can’t wait to see what we could do with it in the future for cancers and all the different ailments within the gut.

Terpenes have so many ways to help, now it’s up to us to figure out in what ways, increments and all the other necessary information to correctly dose with natural remedies.

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