From the Front Lines

by Chip Paul | Gnupharma/OK4U

What is up with the OMMA?  Has your commercial cannabis business been inspected?  Did you know every other license the OMMA issues, you MUST be inspected BEFORE you are awarded your license?  A marijuana commercial business license is the only Oklahoma State Department of Health issued license you can get WITH ABSOLUTELY NO INSPECTION.  Does anyone else find this odd?

Further, with the lack of physician education on the endocannabinoid system, patients have to rely on and trust a budtender for advice about a substance they are using medically.  What training is that budtender required to have?  Yep, ZERO.

Where is the protector of patient rights and patient protections?  This should be our Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Why are they not suggesting these additional protections to lawmakers?  Hair Cutting is more tightly controlled than marijuana at the moment.  Now why would that be?

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