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At this writing we are just entering the month of April 2020.  By the time this article is published we will either be right in the middle of the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak for Oklahoma or just on the other side of it.  Here are some things to keep in mind.  Regardless of what pharma, or the TV, or some other “expert” tells you, you have a TREMENDOUS amount of power in your spice cabinet.  When paired with your favorite strains of cannabis or CBDs they become even more powerful.  Do a Google search on “antiviral herbs” and you will see exactly what I mean.  Some of these herbs will have far stronger antiviral actions than pharma solutions.  So what to do with them and how to take them, along with our immunity boosting cannabis?

To boost your immunity:  your endocannabinoid system directly manages the immune response.  The immune response is what is activated when a forgeign body, like a virus, enters our body.  We fight these “invaders” with antiviral resources which come from the foods or supplements we take (like vitamins, herbs, spices, etc).  If you have no gas in your car, your car does not start.  If you have no antiviral resources you will not be able to fight off a virus.  While cannabis and CBDs give us many resources to “manage” our immune response, there are better things to up our immunity.  When paired together they give us an additional firewall and additional resources to defend again things like a virus.  For instance turmeric paired with black pepper have been shown to increase immune markers (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17211725).  Raw garlic is also an excellent way to boost the immune system.

Antivirals:  in a similar way that the endocannabinoid needs resources to boost immunity, it also needs resources to fight infections.  Viral infections are somewhat different than bacterial infections and require different resources.  Many herbs and spices have been studied as to how they impact certain viruses.  Sage is a very powerful antiviral as is garlic and these both would provide resources to fight seasonal flu.  Licorice has shown efficacy with SARS-Corona type viruses (which is what Covid-19 is).

This is an editorial, but GnuPharma does have formulations based on this science and these herbs and spices.  We have several brands which sell these formulations and you can find that information at www.gnupharma.com.

In the pharma world, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and chloroquine (CQ) should be readily available.  As most will know at this writing these are showing a 100% recovery rate for the virus when paired with certain antibiotics.  The FDA has just cleared the way for their use.  If these drugs become unavailable, the cannabis industry could be tasked with extracting cinchona bark for quinine and have suggested as much to Commissioner Cox.

#itstime we realized we are in this together.  Our industry is about the future of health, so let’s help where we can!

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