The Terp Series: Terpinolene, The Protector

by Brittiany Ralls


We are getting down to the last few terpenes that have been found present in cannabis so far for this series. With that being said we are going to learn more about the least common terpene in cannabis, terpinolene. Found mostly in sativa dominant strains, terpinolene still is typically present in quite a few strains even in small amounts. Even though it is present in small amounts this protector packs a punch with all the ailments it assists in fighting. We all know how important all factors can be when considering every aspect of cannabis, so even the smallest amounts of terpenes matter. The aromas of pine, flowers and herbs makes this terpene not as distinctual since it takes on smells of other terpenes. Terpinolene still packs a punch nonetheless.

Uplifting in the mind, this terpene has a ton to offer any patient and a lift in mood is just the start.

As with quite a few terpenes, terpinolene is used in insect repellents and a great terpene for cleaning supplies and soaps. As we learn more about terpinolene you will see why! Through research we have found that terpinolene has properties of being an antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant. Assisting with the “entourage effect,” it has many benefits, but isn’t known to be a terpene used for anti-inflammatory like so many other terpenes. Terpinolene being an antifungal has the potential to assist in the healing of the body’s largest organ, our skin. Topicals and salves created with more terpinolene could help with conditions dealing with feet and scalps.


Alleviating some very laborious grooming methods that are used right now. Being an antibacterial, terpinolene would be a great terpene to study more in the uses of toothpastes and mouthwashes, and even creams for wounds to help the wound heal quicker and with less chances of infection. Terpinolene doesn’t stop there, it has been shown to improve cholesterol levels and by that reduce the risk of heart disease. Terpinolene helps in reducing anxiety, has the potential in helping fight cancer, and also shows signs of being a good sleep aid.

With the total potential of terpinolene: the protector you can easily see that it doesn’t matter if it’s the least present terpene. It’s almost as if it’s not only a protector of the one who consumes it, but also of itself by being so damn versatile! By taking on the smells of other terpenes and uses of other terpenes but never overpowering them, ensures its viability. Terpinolene may not be the main terpene you are looking for, but knowing it is in so much of what we consume as cannabis users we should be reassured in it’s medicinal benefits. Being a protector, terpinolene is something we could all use in these crazy times. Protecting our health is probably one of the tasks that can make us feel a little more in control by eating healthy, exercising and using the good ol cannabis to cure what ails us.

Knowing your terpenes and using what is best for you can help ensure that even more.


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