From the front lines-April 2019

by Chip Paul

With the signing of the Unity Bill by Governor Stitt last week, we now have a proper regulatory environment shaping up under SQ788.  The Unity bill is what was worked on during the course of the 14 weekly special legislative sessions that were attended by lawmakers, activist, and members of cannabis trade.  While it is certainly not perfect, it gives us 90% of what we wanted and expected in an SQ788 regulatory.  These rules will over write what the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has issued as emergency rules to date.  While lawmakers have been sensitive to the fact that a significant amount of work has been done by the OMMA, the Unity law will over ride much of these efforts.
So, what is left to do?  Well a lot on the political front!  We are continuing to watch the flow of bills thru the legislature and will ring the bell should we need your help!  We will also be watching the hemp regulations and how these synergize and tie in with our medical marijuana laws.  The good news here is that lawmakers realize the tremendous position we are in, as a state, with respect to both our medical marijuana program and our emerging hemp program.
Also, watch for some powerful new relationships as to patient advocacy and trade.  Big plans in the works!

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