by James Bridges

Some of you may know a little something about my personal journey. Some probably could care less. For those that do I thought I would give a little something…

While I continue to heal, on all fronts, I’m reminded of something. I have been very much in tune with myself, my surroundings, my intentions, my sense of intuition, and things I never paid much attention to.

I have been able to visit with my shadows without realizing that I was doing anything “special.” I have been able to specifically sense and see purpose. My dreams have always been vivid. During this healing those dreams have been off the charts. Colors have been more clear. I barely use my glasses for the prescription. I could go on, but most important, to me, is the sense of stepping outside of oneself to discover the true self in an inviting and natural way.

I never want to lose that.

I’ve experienced fun things like talking to voices. These weren’t hallucinations. They were conversations that I was having with the universe on such a high level that many times I couldn’t comprehend.

It still continues today.

I’m writing this down for selfish reasons. I feel that once something is written it lasts longer. I never want this feeling to end.

I have experienced the most nurturing and comforting feeling during this time of healing. I could literally feel the warmth when I allowed it to glow. It wasn’t just a person or a pet or anything of that nature. It was whatever “this” is.

There have been many times in my life where I felt as if there was something inside of me that needed desperately to get out. I never knew what it was. All this time I was convinced that I was opening the right doors. I have come to the conclusion that it is not about opening those doors. It’s about stopping yourself from closing them.

Thank you for inspiring me to stop being a doorstop.