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3 Ways to Recharge and Beat Winter Blues this Christmas

by Tab Moura

I’ve spent longer than normal settling on what to share with you all today. With our first snowfall of the season under our belts, it’s safe to say it’s finally ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ again.

Family Connection
by Tab Moura

I’ve been playing referee for snowball fights, and pretended to be a scientist as we examined snowflakes. Eventually I became “doctor mom” as my little adventurers needed urgent medical assistance for “frostbite.” We’ve watched Christmas movies and decorated our tree. We made salt dough ornaments and have had plenty of warm coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

From my kids’ perspective, Christmas is almost 100% normal, possibly even more fun, because they get my undivided attention most days. If there is one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s that being a one-man-show is exhausting. I needed to find ways to recharge (as creatively as possible) so as to not break the bank, or lose my mind, in the process.

First on my list:

Aroma Therapies and Cannabis

Maybe you’re feeling some cabin fever, maybe you’re feeling depressed… maybe you’re currently wondering if it’s possible to take a nap in the shower (yes it is). Things like incense, essential oils, and cannabis can help you in your hour of need. I highly recommend having any or all of these on hand this winter. My favorite go-tos are helichrysum essential oil and a preroll of GG4.

Retail Therapy

I know I’m not alone in my love of shopping, but in December it tends to feel like there aren’t enough dollars in the world. That said, I recommend saving this one for special occasions. What I shop for varies, and with money being tight this year, I try to stick to practical buys like exercise clothes, art supplies, or this adorable stoner mug.

PS, don’t forget to shop for discounted Christmas decorations!

TV Show Binging
New Growth
by Tab Moura

When I’m in need of a mindless, lazy day, I like to medicate, grab my favorite munchie snack and curl up to watch a show I’ve seen a thousand times. I choose something I’ve watched before for a couple reasons; I want nostalgia, but I also want to be acquainted with the story in case my medicated mind wanders or I fall asleep (I won’t need to rewind). Pro-tip: more seasons a show has, the better.


The Christmas season can feel like a blur, and before we know it it’s over. So if between the make believe missions and Christmas cookie making, you find yourself as a one-man-show this winter, try to remember to give yourself some love along the way.

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