Has Nature’s Key Cracked the Code? 

 Has Nature’s Key Cracked the Code?

By Jessi Lane, Patient Advocate 

Jessi Lane & Son

As a Caregiver for my pediatric child on the Autism Spectrum, I reach for Nature’s Key gummies every morning because I have come to rely on the consistency of their ratioed products. I understand that as we progress through our cannabis as medicine journey, it may become necessary to adjust one’s cannabinoid formulations and delivery systems. Due to my patient data journaling, with the cooperation of our support system, I found my patient’s response levels plateaued after roughly 6 months of consistent complex cannabis as medicine treatment. Upon switching to another brand’s formulation and titrating our consumption level I was uneasy about the at-home manipulation of that edible required to achieve our desired dose. My patient was now sleepier than expected during the day. When manually cutting an edible down I understand there is no certainty of milligrams from piece to piece; especially when recalibrating new-to-us individual brand formulations. I found myself in a Caregiver conundrum.

I was introduced to the Nature’s Key brand by fellow Caregiver Autism Mom, Tarra Quinn, of High Hopes. She shares, “My son Henry has Autism, ADHD and developmental delays and he struggles to regulate his emotions. I started Henry on the 25:5 Vegan gummies to help calm him down and give him some peace. The taste and texture are perfect for kids with sensory issues.” Tarra is on to something. My Spectrum kiddo also struggles with food aversions and enjoys the flavor of the Nature’s Key gummy, not to mention the quick dissolving Vegan gummy is gone before we know it and he is not left to endlessly chew as the minutes pass by. The gummies are manufactured at a ratio that we previously had to manipulate the other brands’ edibles to achieve. The Nature’s Key 3% variance guarantee gives me dosing confidence. In association with his nightly full spectrum tincture, the Nature’s Key Therapeutic gummy sets my child up for success every morning. We are receiving more gold star days and although they still happen, we are seeing less meltdowns and can mitigate them quickly. 

Tarra Quinn & son Henry

I sat down with Nature’s Key CEO, Nathan Richter. He is kind, approachable, and matter of fact. He is a licensed Attorney in Oklahoma and Georgia and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma with a Juris Doctorate from Oklahoma City University School of Law. He is a US Army Veteran who also dabble in Genetics. Mr. Richter is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Oklahoma patients with wellness in all they do. While this may be true, the real key to his cracking the Oklahoma Cannabis market code is his recognition that he cannot do it alone. Refreshing, isn’t it? 

Nature’s Key understands the value of forming healthy lasting vendor alliances by uplifting cannabis industry professionals – at all levels – through comradery and education. Nathan believes education equals trust. Their revolutionary Budtender University and patient outreach initiatives, including their Sleep Trials and Battle Buddy Trials, are second to none. Did you know Nature’s Key has generously given away over 20,000 Battle Buddy capsules during their trials? They are dedicated to fostering honest and transparent relationships with their consumers, many of whom are children and Seniors. Nature’s Key really does provide a product for every patient. 

Partnering with Medical Advisor Dr. June Chin, Nature’s Key provides valued reassurance to Oklahoma cannabis as medicine patients that most Oklahoma brands cannot provide. Dr. Chin received her medical degree from Touro University in San Francisco and her BS in Nutrition and Food Science, Biochemistry from Cornell. She sits on many prestigious boards including the Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine and is the Chief Medical Advisor for CannabisMD.com. Dr. Chin has dedicated her medical career to finding effective, integrative, and holistic approaches to patient care. 

Nature’s Key products are “backed by science and made with state-of-the-art precision” in their FDA certified, soon to be GMP certified, manufacturing facility. Their source material is provided in partnership with vetted isolate and distillate extraction partners who meet all of Nature’s Key strict requirements including COAs showing no less than 90% THC. 

Recently I caught a Virtual Budtender session with Nature’s Key VP of Corporate Relations and Brand Management Joe Hager. Joe tells us, “There’s a Why for everything here at Nature’s Key.” He follows, “We aren’t the high-pressure sales team running around Oklahoma and believe our patients know best. We would put our products against anyone else in Oklahoma.” During his session Joe charismatically emphasizes the importance of titration and complex cannabinoid profiles and introduces some of the renowned Nature’s Key products. He is naturally animated and incites a smile. It is clear why industry professionals and patients trust Joe. 

Since his return from Afghanistan, Mr. Richter has lost twenty soldiers to suicide. He tells us, “One life lost is way too many if it’s something we can help each other overcome.” Battle Buddy is a name recognized by Combat Veterans as one they can depend on at any turn of life. It is someone “who goes into the trenches with you and comes out of the trenches with you,” says Joe. Nature’s Key tells us the Battle Buddy THC-free capsules are a friend in your pocket- designed to temper your stress and “prevent spiraling out of control.”1 

Nature’s Key patient Tarra Quinn shares, “I started using Battle Buddy when I was going through a stressful time in my personal life. I quickly noticed that my stress was easier to manage by taking the edge off and giving me some clarity throughout the day.” Nature’s Key understands that trauma rewires the brain. According to DomesticShelters.org, “For individuals who continually experience traumatic events, or who relive traumatic memories from their childhood as adults, this means the brain can rewire itself in such a way that sometimes causes us to feel overly stressed, even when there’s nothing overt to stress about.”2 

The formula, of which Dr. Chin’s patients have seen impressive results for the last decade, is a blend of CBD, CBN, Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm, L-Theanine, and Ginseng, with the anticipated effects of reducing anxiety and mitigating symptoms of PTSD. The capsules are available in a two pack, a week’s supply, and a month’s supply. Nature’s Key wants us to know Battle Buddy and other products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

When it comes to Nature’s Key, wellness is decadent. Their team spent six months in R&D, working out the process and recipe for their delectable chocolate, including working with a food consultant offering 25 years’ experience with Hershey’s. Nature’s Key’s THC infused chocolate is available in 25mg two-piece and four-piece units. Their quality THC infused chocolate Brownies are available in 100mg and 500mg units. 

Parents choose Nature’s Key Gummies because they offer only one gram of sugar with no sugar coating, no FDNC food dye, and no artificial colors. Created using state of the art equipment like Nature’s Key’s Servoform Mini depositor, they can produce 4,000 consistent gummies in 15 minutes. The gummies are available in micro, mixed ratios, and mega doses. These include the Therapeutic mixed ratios with a base level of 25mgs of CBD – coming soon in singles – in 1:1, 5:1 and 5:2. The Classic line is available in doses of 5-50mg of THC and comes in various flavor options. The 25mg Premium strain-specific line are formulated need-based gummies that come in catchy names like the cherryful Jumpstart Sativa, Sweet Dreamzzz Indica blended with 2mg Melatonin, Chill-axin Delta-8 and Oklahoma Sunrise CBD.

By way of their Key to Nature’s Blessings website, Nature’s Key also offers an extensive natural and CBD oil infused national product line including pet treats, migraine care, tattoo aftercare, beard balm, bath soak, essential oil inhalers and other wellness products engineered to ease the symptoms of life. Nature’s Key CBD products undergo the same rigorous testing as their THC infused products. With these careful testing standards, they can guarantee Nature’s Key products are 100% safe to consume. 

The future is bright for team Nature’s Key and their patients with the exciting announcement of the Nature’s Key app, currently in development. The app provides patients with data-based assessment surveys “that can track, trace, and monitor their consumption and experience to find the dose that works for them,” says Richter. The Nature’s Key app is slated to drop Summer 2022. Could it be that Nathan Richter has found the key to cracking not only the code to our market but also – with the help of his valued network – our complex Endocannabinoid Systems? 

Jessi Lane, Patient Advocate is a writer and Oklahoma Cannabis industry professional since 2018. She is a Certified Cannacian III and Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant with a “full spectrum” Postpartum Wellness background. 

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