by Amy Lee

It’s day 5654 of self-quarantine and like many of you, the snacks are slowly taking over my household and attempting to expand my waistline. Personally, having a surplus of food in the house has been a trigger for unhealthy habits as well as increasing my anxiety levels. It triggers one of the hardest habit changes I have faced along my health journey and something I still battle with today, it is emotional and binge eating.

I live by a pretty strict “bare necessities” policy when keeping my home stocked with food items to create an environment of wellness and prevent unhealthy habits from creeping back into rotation. However, in preparation to follow the “Safe at Home” orders I have purchased more food items than usual. This change in my kitchen environment paired with the current global health situation can become a slippery slope to unhealthy habits. Emotions can easily be elevated in isolation or social distancing situations. Feelings such as stress, worry, loneliness, sadness, and uncertainty may trigger these unhealthy habits and continue to spiral out of control, however with the proper tools and exercises, these triggers will become more manageable.

Over the years I have practiced numerous methods to master stressful situations and practice mindfulness with the intention of breaking the chains of emotional and binge eating. Stress management is also one of the habits of health that I coach my clients towards mastering. When faced with an uncertain or stressful situation one of the first steps I recommend towards establishing security and control is to implement a solid schedule or routine, this includes establishing a healthy eating routine.

To keep the focus on your health goals it’s important to establish an environment of wellness within your home. Set clear boundaries and guidelines for the food within your pantry. Designate which foods you know will assist in meeting your health goals and which foods will further you from achieving those goals. Treat each food choice individually and if a moment of weakness should occur, allow yourself grace and make a commitment that your next food choice will be a healthy one. 
If you are looking to ‘beat the binge’ during this season of social distancing here are some key steps I encourage my clients to follow in order to stay on track towards their goals. The first thing I recommend is to create an environment of wellness by detoxing your immediate surroundings including the pantry. Specifically designate foods for you that will move you closer to your wellness goals and remove any items that might be a temptation, implement a daily routine which includes movement, meditation, proper hydration, sufficient sleep, and proper nutrition. Begin to fuel your body six times a day with small nutrient-dense meals and snacks which assist in establishing balance within the body both physically and mentally. Lastly, include a low THC full-spectrum cannabis oil to assist in lowering your blood pressure, mellowing the mood, relieving anxiety symptoms, healing the gut, preventing inflammation and boosting the immune system on a cellular level.

If you are interested in learning more about the four-component program I coach along with how to implement a daily cannabis routine for internal wellness, I offer free health evaluations via zoom or phone call. Book your consultation today at www.BohoOils.Com.
Be well friends,

Amy Lee

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