Good Clean Livin’


by James Bridges

Fun? It’s rare. Okay, I’ll stop stating the obvious right off the bat here.

I show up in the middle of an afternoon to find two grown men having the time of their lives while at “work.”

That’s rare.

Brian Gammill, owner of Oklahoma Medicine, and Tim Jouett, man behind the curtain at Oklahoma Medicine know exactly what they are trying to accomplish and they are doing so with integrity and a little fire.

Oklahoma Medicine is an Oklahoma cannabis processing, edibles, and infused products company. They specialize in extractions for wholesale commercial licensees. They are Oklahoma grown and Oklahoma processed.

BRIDGES  First of all why cannabis? What made you decide to become a provider for those in need

BRIAN  I absolutely love Cannabis and have since I first smoked it when I was 16 years old. It’s safe, it’s enjoyable, and it brings a tremendous amount of relief to a wide variety of medical conditions.

TIM  I have witnessed first hand what Cannabis can do for those in need. It’s truly life changing for so many patients. I love seeing the change that washes over someone in pain who brings Cannabis into their daily wellness routine.

BRIDGES  Brian, tell me about your upbringing here in Oklahoma. How did that come into play when deciding to set up shop here?

BRIAN  I was born and raised in Oklahoma City. I’m a true Okie native. In fact, my wife is Caddo, so we are truly native native!! ? I grew up on 63rd and Meridian in the middle class Rollingwood neighborhood, graduated from Putnam City Original in 1996. I wasn’t really receiving the support I wanted for my interest in marijuana, so I ended up moving to Denver in 2012 before the vote….

Yes, I voted for the legalization in Colorado! We were living happily in Colorado and I was growing in my basement in Denver…. and unfortunately, my Dad ended up passing away about the same time the laws in Oklahoma were changed to allow medical marijuana. We had to move back to settle my Father’s estate anyhow as he had a large 160 acre ranch up by Guthrie that needed a lot of work.

When the laws changed, we decided to open the company. So I’ve truly come full circle…. from Oklahoma, back to Oklahoma, okie born and bred, native Oklahoman company.

BRIDGES  What makes you most proud about your company, Oklahoma Medicine?

BRIAN  We are doing something quite different from the vast majority of these companies here. We wanted to create a very clean, very pure, super high quality line of infused products that utilized only premium inputs and ingredients. And we wanted to do it all under one brand, Oklahoma Medicine, using only the safest, state of the art equipment and technology. I’m so proud of what we have created, our products are truly fit to be called Medicine.

TIM  I love being able to work for a company that wants to help people. It’s cool to make a product that can help so many different types of ailments for people of all walks of life.

BRIDGES  I’ve been using your salve for about a month now. I’ve used this on my face, my arm, a cold sore, even a bug bite. It’s worked every single time. What gives?

BRIAN  First off, this product is amazing! It’s something no one thinks about, topicals are such an untapped market. Let’s face it….most people do not walk into a dispensary determined to buy a topical from the very start…..but when they do finally buy our 1:1 topical pain salve and try it for themselves, the feedback we are hearing is outstanding.

BRIAN  This product is so flexible, it can be used for such a wide range of ailments, its truly awesome medicine! My best friend uses it for his psoriasis, I use it for my back muscle and nerve pain from my L1 microdiscectomy I had years ago…we’ve even had ladies tell us they rub it on their feet before slipping their fancy high heels on to go out with their friends on a Saturday night. The salve helps fight the inflammation caused from dancing the night away in high heels. We are constantly finding new uses and applications for our topical. Its been such a blessing for so many people who have found this medicine!

BRIDGES  What’s this fancy contraption here? Tell me about your process.

TIM  We start with supercritical CO2 extraction, which is safe and efficient. It’s widely used in botanicals, soft drinks, beer, nutraceuticals, makeup, and hemp processing aside from the obvious THC extraction. This technology is very expensive, but it produces the cleanest extracts around. CO2 naturally dissipates into the atmosphere when we remove the extract from the machine, there is nothing that needs to be purged out of the  extract to make it safe for consumption. There are no pentanes, no hexanes, no toxic hydrocarbon residuals that have to be removed from our product. It’s just safe and toxin free from the start. It’s a very clean, pharma grade extract.

BRIAN  From there, once we extract it, we refine it with organic, food-grade ethanol to remove the fats and waxes and further concentrate the extract. Finally, we distill it to truly purify it. Our final distillate is what I would consider a broad spectrum distillate, while it is delta9 THC heavy, it also contains many minor cannabinoids such as CBD,  CBN, and THCV.

BRIDGES  If you were told that you had to spend a month on a deserted island and could bring an endless supply of ONLY two of your products what would they be and why?

BRIAN  First off….The 1:1 topical pain salve for sure. If I was stranded on a deserted island, I’d probably be tired, dirty, and sandy, and have a lot of bug bites and rashy skin conditions from the sun…. so I’d be rubbing myself down with the salve daily to stay sharp!

TIM  Definitely the 1:1 topical, my body is going to be sore from for- aging and building shelter. I’d also bring some of our capsules. I would HAVE to medicate and eating one of our capsules every couple of hours would help keep me level headed and calm so that the stress of being stranded wouldn’t be overwhelming.

BRIAN  Secondly, I’d probably bring the peanut butter cups. I just love them. They’re phenomenal! Just like a Reeses. After the topical rubdowns, I’d probably want to get high and relax, so I’d definitely munch a  few PB cups and then lay in the sun and try to catch some crab or fish and drink some coconut water.

BRIDGES  If I am on the fence about cannabis and its ability to heal the body, what are you going to tell me to get off of that fence?

BRIAN  Try our topical. None of the euphoria or high that may intimidate certain age groups and restrict them from trying medicinal Cannabis products….with ALL of the  healing. You don’t get high, but you reap all of the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. Its perfect for Grandma, or your yoga loving wife or daughter who cares for their body.

BRIDGES  How has cannabis helped each of you besides business?

TIM  It has always helped me with my anxiety and depression. It helps me approach each day with positivity.

BRIAN  I can finally sleep at night. No more back pain or sciatica! I love it. It takes away my anxiety and helps me with my depression and antisocial nature.

BRIDGES  What’s next for OM?

BRIAN  More competitions. More awards. More sales. More patient pop-ups and meet and greets. We are trying to increase our exposure across the board, and are working hard to be found state-wide. We want to ensure our products are available at every corner of the state, so regardless of where you live as a medical patient, you can walk into your local dispensary and try our award winning products for yourself.



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