Herbage Magazine April 2023

Herbage Magazine April 2023

Digital Issue Herbage Magazine #52 – April 2023
About the Cover: Can @sean.Bono bring cannabis to Costa Rica?
Cannabis has become a major topic of discussion all around the world, with countries legalizing its use for both medicinal and recreational purposes. While some countries
have embraced cannabis with open arms, others are still hesitant to legalize it due to various reasons. Costa Rica, a country known for its beautiful beaches and tropical
climate, has yet to fully embrace cannabis as part of its culture. However, Sean Suh, the owner of Bono-Ape, aims to change that.

Sean Suh is no stranger to the cannabis industry. He is the owner of Bono-Ape, a state-of-the-art cultivation facility located in Oklahoma. The facility is known for producing some of the finest cannabis products in the world, including their in-house Medusa strain, which boasts an impressive 42% THC level.

Bono-Ape is also capable of producing consistent quality products month after month, thanks to their team of world-class growers who continuously push the envelope for quality and quantity. Two years ago, Sean Suh decided to move to Costa Rica to bridge the gap between genetics and bringing top-quality cannabis products to the country. He recognized that Costa Rica was currently in a CBD phase and saw an opportunity to introduce high-quality cannabis products to the Costa Rican population.

Sean and his team at Bono-Ape understand that Costa Ricans, like Oklahomans, admire and appreciate quality products.

Sean says, “We recognize the ability to bring high-quality products at very affordable prices, not only toOklahomans but also to Costa Ricans.”

He believes that there is a direct correlation between the sense of family and national pride in bothOklahoma and Costa Rica, making it easier to introduce cannabis products to the country. Bono-Ape currently has an office in Costa Rica that is dedicated to working with local and national government agencies while developing the necessary infrastructure to be the first cannabis company in the country. Sean acknowledges that cannabis is a culture in Costa Rica and is embedded in their music and way of life.

He says, “You can also say that Costa Rica is the Jamaica ofCentral America.”

The introduction of cannabis in CostaRica is not without its challenges. In 2019, the Legislative Assembly approved a bill that would legalize medicinal cannabis and allow for its cultivation, production, and distribution. In addition to this, there is growing support for cannabis in Costa Rica. A 2019 poll found that 58% of Costa Ricans support the legalization of medicinal cannabis, while 38% support the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Since opening the office in Costa Rica, Sean has been immersing himself in the language and culture of the country. He says that his kids go back and forth from Costa Rica and Oklahoma so much that they even get confused about whether they are Oklahoman or Costa Rican.

The country is still hesitant to fully embrace the plant due to various reasons, including concerns about drug trafficking and addiction. However, Sean believes that with the right education and infrastructure, Costa Rica can reap the benefits of cannabis without the negative consequences.

Sean Suh and his team at Bono-Ape are ready to introduce high-quality cannabis products to the CostaRican population. Withtheir state-of-the-art facilities and team of world-class growers, they are poised to revolutionize the cannabis industry in the country. While there are still challenges to overcome, Sean’s passion and dedication to the industry are sure to make a positive impact and be the first cannabis company in Costa Rica.