How I Planned & Prepared for Rogue Road Life



Written By: Veronica Castillo

So, you all know from the previous piece: A Glimpse Into Preparation for Cannabis Rogue Road Life, that I:

“I built my house in 2012, sold it in 2016, broke my lease in 2018, and got on the road from the Midwest to the West to start my exploration of Cannabis.”

What I didn’t cover- the how. This piece is dedicated to how I planned, budgeted, turned my car into a bed, and the support that makes it all possible. Living on the road is possible for so many. I planned a little, today I recommend planning a little more than that. There are things that you can never plan for when living on the road- like Covid-19, but you’ll be surprised at your creativity and resilience.


Preparation- Packing and Condensing

Living on the road (hyperlink this piece) requires different planning than a road trip. Before I made serious plans, I educated myself. I read lots of material, joined travel groups, and let go of things that no longer served me.

Sleeping Arrangements

I packed a tent, pillow, blankets, and an air bed. I was prepared to sleep in my car (I have a hatchback), at a campsite, and/ or hotels. I planned for the cost-effective so my car became primary.


Though my work can be done from anywhere and income still flowed in, traveling can be expensive. I turned to Groupon and coupons! I also planned to do my own meal prep.

For cooking, I picked up and used a gas stove. I used park BBQ grills, and Pilot Travel Center microwaves. I also made the best of hot water meals! For things to do: parks/ beaches/ museums/ libraries- mostly free.

Supportive Circle: I didn’t/don’t do this alone. My Ricans, other family, and friends are always there for me- in full support while I explore and travel. I’ve been able to sleep in spare rooms and open spaces. My siblings are the absolute best on the planet! My mother feeds me so good!

All it took was a little planning and a supportive circle of people!

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