A Glimpse Into Preparation for Cannabis Rogue Road Life


Written by: Veronica Castillo 


My love for travel goes back to the ’90s. I was born and raised in Miami, FL with parents that took us (my siblings and I) on local/state vacations. Though never far from home, I was away, and being away made me smile. There was something about living out of a suitcase that sparked this desire in me. As early as 8, I knew I wanted to be a traveling writer.

Somewhere along the way, my path became different. I tried to be someone in one place, working a corporate job, creating the resources to build the “American dream”. As soon as I built it, I realized that the American dream wasn’t my dream. My dream was still the same as 8-year-old Veronica- I wanted to travel.

I wanted to pack a suitcase and run, away from the typical to chase my excitement.

I built my house in 2012, sold it in 2016, broke my lease in 2018, and got on the road from the Midwest to the West to start my exploration of Cannabis. I had to leave- and so, as soon as the thought came- I started planning. It had to be right then because I feared that if I thought about too much, and tried to create the perfect plan, I would’ve never left.


This week’s series will focus on my planning and preparation for this wildlife on the road. My exploration of Cannabis has been amazing. The one thing that this journey has taught me:

While the world still has its disgusting parts and people, there are still so many amazing people- full of light, love, and support.

I definitely bumped my head along the way a bit, but the amazing thing about it- ALL LESSONS. I learned so much and still learn every day. Life on the road exploring the plant we all love has been great! Stay tuned for how I prepared.