I’m Walking On Eggshells


I’m Walking On Eggshells
By James Bridges

I’ve often wondered why it’s called, “walking on eggshells”. Eggshells are generally pretty soft and easy to crumble. There’s the squishy part that might not feel so good between the toes. All-in-all…not that bad of an experience if you ask me. Try walking on top of uncracked eggs. Now that’s something to ponder…

The outer shell of a rotten egg is still the shell of an egg.

We crawl into a corner and cover ourselves up with guilt, shame, blame, praise, encouragement, and improper direction from others around us. We hide and protect ourselves. We victimize ourselves and one another so much that we create an outer shell. We hope no-one, except for maybe someone, will be able to crack. We find ourselves feeling broken because we are in pieces. Society tells us this is wrong. With encouragement from Humpty Dumpty himself, we try to put ourselves back together again.

Seems like a lot of energy…

I have come to find that I like walking on broken eggshells. I find it nice to meet the true “authentic” you. Once you get past the squishy part it’s really quite exhilarating. Hopefully once we figure out that all those worries about building the outer shell were for nothing, we can start showing one another who we really are.

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