Inspiring Women to Come out of the Cannabis Closet


Pretty Women Love Cannabis: Meet Keba Richardson

by: Veronica Castillo

Keba Richardson is a Business Economics with a holistic health, and digital business consulting background. Her brand, Pretty Women Love Cannabis, is an inspiring one. She aims to remove stigmas associated with Cannabis consumption by making it ok to be a woman that loves Cannabis.

She is also a published author. Her memoir, Unbecoming has amazing reviews! I have to sit down and read my copy and the reviews continue to make me excited! Get to know Keba.

Interview slightly edited for clarity.

Cannabis Women

Please tell me about your background before Cannabis?

Prior to getting into the cannabis industry, I was a holistic health coach, primarily working with African American women. Also, a digital business consultant for professionals in the health/wellness industry.”

What was your journey into the Cannabis industry like?

My journey into the cannabis industry has been amazing overall. I’ve never felt more welcomed from a community before in my life. I’ve connected with so many great people, especially other women in the industry who are working to break the stigma and educate and inform others about cannabis.”

Pretty Women Love Cannabis is an inspiring brand- why was it born?

Pretty Women Love Cannabis is a new sisterhood where education, empowerment, and entertainment intertwine over all thing’s cannabis. It’s a lifestyle brand and movement, dedicated to breaking the stigma associated with women using cannabis.

Our goal is to help more women come out of the cannabis closet by building confidence and pride in their decisions to use cannabis in the ways that they feel are best for their lives. This platform is dedicated to supporting the female-focused cannabis lifestyle.  

We empower women to break the negative social stereotypes concerning cannabis and women. I feel together, we will push cannabis culture forward and close the gap between women, professionalism, and the benefits of cannabis consumption.”

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