Kayla’s Pick for February 2020


by Kayla Johnson

One of the most fascinating things about cannabis is that it can vary so wildly through the smell, flavor, and terpenes. It can be incredibly diesel-ish and skunky, or spicy and woodsy, or like today’s pick, sweet as sun-ripened berries. Strawberry Banana, also known as Strawnana, is one of the sweetest-smelling strains I’ve come across so far in Oklahoma, and while the name may make you think of yogurt or delicious smoothies, trust me: you’ll like this better. 


This fruity, indica-dominant hybrid was developed by DNA Genetics with Serious Seeds, and it’s a beautiful cross between two extremely fruity and potent strains: Banana Kush and Bubble Gum. Thanks to these powerful parents, Strawberry Banana is a strain known for its THC levels: consistently, labs have found anywhere from 17% to 23% on average for this strain, but it is not uncommon for plants in the hands of experienced growers to rise above that.  Like many other fruity strains, Strawnana is high in Limonene and Myrcene, but it also has a notable hint of Caryophyllene, which gives this sticky-sweet strain a tiny, peppery kick right where it needs it. This unique terpene profile is a key reason that this indica-dominant bud is not only mellowing, but uplifting, making it a unique choice for patients. 


That uniqueness even extends to this particular strain’s appearance. Unlike many other strains, Strawnana isn’t known for growing massive buds on the plant. Instead, they’re actually on the small to medium side, and what they may lack in being large and fluffy, they more than make up for it by being tightly-packed and quite dense.  It is common for this strain to have leaves with almost a golden-yellow tint to the bright green color, and the almost rosebud-structured flowers are sprinkled with fiery-orange pistils, tucked into the dense leaves. This particular gram of Strawnana that I picked up was grown by Gorilla Gardens out of Stillwater, and I have to say, it’s one of the frostier strains I’ve come across so far.  Remember the bright orange pistils I mentioned? They’re hard to see at times for the heavy layer of frosty, slightly ambered trichomes this bud boasts, and that layer of goodness gives this bud a truly sticky feeling to the touch. Even the scent, heavy with banana and strawberry, feels like it will stick to the inside of your nose, and while there are no complaints about that here, it is important for those who are anxious to keep their consumption on the discreet side and to take care with this sweet-but-pungent strain.


Whether you are a fan of your favorite bong and hempwick or you have turned to the dry-herb-vape world, Strawnana, even with that thick layer of trichomes, offers a surprisingly smooth session. When smoking it, patients may find that it is not as harsh as some of the other potent strains they have tried, making it easier and far more pleasant to hit the bowl more than once if they desire.  For those who choose to vaporize, get ready for a trip to Flavorville. The sweet-but-a-little-spicy flavor is second to none, though if you’re relatively new to using a dry-herb vape (or smoking for that matter), be prepared for quite a bit of kick in your lungs; strawnana doesn’t play around! Just like the scent of the bud itself, the smoke from consuming this strain is extremely pungent and can linger for some time, so keep that in mind as well. 


Strawnana’s powerful effects are like fine art, you just can’t rush it.  It took several minutes, after I smoked it myself, before I really began to feel it and wow, did I feel it!  I had a relaxing head buzz that grew to become an uplifting, yet grounding experience. I felt impossibly relaxed, yet incredibly focused and motivated to do something creative or productive, but I also noticed something else, it did not take much to bring on couch-lock with this strain. Despite the boost to creativity and focus that it offers, Strawnana is still a true indica-dominant strain, and with repeated tokes it will very likely bring that couch-lock and munchie-mood to most people. 


The potent effects offered by Strawnana are one of the reasons it may be an ideal strain for patients in the state who are suffering from any kind of chronic pain, depression or stress. It has that sort of sneaky-sedation that creeps up on you and lasts, and for those who have chronic pain or joint issues, they may find immense relief that does not make them feel fuzzy or ‘out of it’ like many prescription pain relievers. The couch-lock it offers many people after a while can be a wonderful boost for those who struggle with depression or stress to the point that they can never truly unwind, and for those struggling to keep their appetite active, trust me, Strawnana can help. Ask the poor oranges I devoured after a bowl or two. 


All in all, I really enjoyed Strawnana, or Strawberry Banana, far more than I thought I would.  Normally, indicas are not my favorites, I’m bad at relaxing, and I just prefer my sativas all day long. This strain; however, may be one of my new favorites. It is a potent but easy-to-smoke or vape strain that offers clear-headed creativity and focus along with deep relaxation on your own terms.  Patients with pain, stress, or depression who are looking for something to keep them moving, yet relaxed, Strawnana may be a great choice. If you see it in your local dispensary, I highly recommend you give it a try. 

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