Kayla’s Pick for September 2019


by Kayla Johnson

There are now hundreds of cannabis strains, with new ones being created by growers across the country almost daily. Some are visual showstoppers, while others immediately grab your attention by your nostrils the moment you open the jar, and Tangie is one strain that combines both great looks and a killer aroma. This strain is immediately noticeable when the container is opened, and it’s incredibly distinctive, both in scent and flavor when smoked. 

A cross between Skunk #1 and California Orange, Tangie is one of those strains that’s popular in just about every state where cannabis is legalized in some way. That distinct scent it bears is undeniably citrusy, but the sweetness is broken up by a musky, almost woodsy undertone that gives it a really beautiful freshness. This was my first encounter with this particular strain, and the scent alone was enough to immediately add it to my list of favorites (a list that seems to be growing rapidly) to watch out for in my local store. There’s something about it that’s just energizing, yet comforting, almost like the smells of summer camp at the lake in bud form. 

The bud itself is a looker; the flower I had was a beautiful shade of dark green, and the hairs were the perfect tangerine-orange, and the layer of trichomes was thick enough that it left my fingers sticky just breaking it apart some to put in my grinder, which also gummed up more than once during the process. Fair warning: the scent is even stronger once you break it up or grind it, so keep that in mind if you have roommates or family members that don’t particularly enjoy the smell of cannabis. 

Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and like most sativa dominant strains, it offers a significant energizing sensation. If you need to get stuff done, this may be the perfect strain for you to medicate with without losing your afternoon to couch lock, and without succumbing to anxiety or paranoia, though patients who are just starting out should approach this strain with caution, as it packs quite a punch. Within half an hour of medicating, the stress had faded, and in its place, I had a much needed boost to my energy level and creativity. That energizing, cerebral effect that Tangie offers makes it a perfect strain for those needing a boost to their creativity or focus,  while the indica effects are still potent enough to keep you at ease. 

For medical patients, Tangie offers a range of benefits that could be helpful to a wide variety of conditions. In larger doses, it offers a relaxed, mild sedative effect that can be invaluable for those patients who struggle with pain, depression, insomnia or stress. Others find that it brings on a wicked case of the munchies, and is the perfect strain to stimulate their appetite or soothe nausea. As with most strains, dry mouth was a considerable side effect, and in my experience, the bloodshot eyes were quite noticeable. You’ll want to keep the Visine on hand with this strain. 

Many of the hybrids available today are pure 50/50 hybrids, and while they tend to offer a very balanced range of effects, there’s something to be said for the energizing, loosely-relaxed mentality that Tangie offers patients who consume it. It’s an invigorating, yet soothing strain that serves as an excellent reminder as to why terpenes matter, and for many patients, one hit from their pipe or vape is all they need to get through the rest of their day. It’s especially valuable for medical patients who struggle with depression, chronic stress, or nausea, and for patients who are recovering from injuries, it can offer mild pain relief that doesn’t leave them wanting a nap for the rest of the week. If your local dispensary stocks Tangie, and you haven’t tried it yet, I highly encourage you to do so, especially if you’re looking for a good strain for daytime use. 


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