Let’s Talk Self Care During Isolation

 The world has changed drastically in the past month for us in Oklahoma and of course the entire world. Social distancing and isolation are important yet, we can also agree that it is HARD. Staying at home can start to feel like the same four walls almost staring back at you and the silence can be so loud! Never fear, here at Herbage we feel your pain and have a list of Self Care routines that will lift your spirits, pass the time, and help you focus on positive healing while stuck at home.



If meditation doesn’t come easy to you or is something you have never done before this is the perfect time to start. Both Calm and Headspace are great apps available on the Google Playstore and Itunes that will walk you step by step through the process and help as you gain momentum in your practice.


I can’t tell you enough how much Yoga can help both your body and mind relax. The DownDog Yoga App on both the Itunes and Google Play Store is great for both beginners in the practice and those more experienced. the app usually costs money but right now they are offering it for free due to social isolation until May 1st!


Exercise is important especially for those of us missing our gym routine. There are a ton of free work out routines available on youtube as well as this online library.

Read a Book/ Listen to an Audio Book

Reading a book for self-reflection or for fun can really get your mind off things right now. Reading not your thing? Try an audiobook instead!

Start a Garden

Patios, windows, and yards Oh My! You can plant a garden pretty much anywhere no matter where you are isolated from an apartment to a home with land. Check out these fun ideas to get yours up and growing.

Bake Something

It will make the house smell so good! Try some of these yummy recipes.

Research Something You Have Always Wanted to do

Have you ever wanted to learn another language, astrology, or how to paint? Now is the time to learn.

Spring Clean Your Space

Who wants to spend isolation in a stink hole?

Find a new Favorite Podcast

Check out some on Spotify, seriously you will thank me later.

Have a Home Spa Self-Care Day

Face masks, manicures, pedicures, and salt baths. That sounds like a lovely stay-at-home spa day, don’t you think?

Start a Blog

Talk about your experience from being in isolation or talk about some of your favorite things! It is your blog, do what you want! Check out these tips on how to get one started.

Cuddle With Pets

They love you and can feel how stressed out you are. Show those fur babies some love and you will be amazed at how it will help you remain calm too.

Get outside for a walk

Keeping distance and being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t breathe some fresh air and go for a neighborhood walk! Soak in some of that Vitamin C!





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