COVID-19 Cancel Your Travel Plans?

Affordable Staycation Tips 

by Jesse Clark, Soulful Travel

The term ‘staycation’ has never been so widely used before. The coronavirus pandemic has waylaid travel plans and left many of us with a bare-bones budget anyway. Fortunately, none of this means that you have to completely abandon your entertainment or relaxation plans. When money is tight, sticking close to home may be just what you need to ease stress and anxiety in these most uncertain times. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your anti-travel plans.


Give yourself a spa day.

Herbage recommends infused bath bombs, which are a great addition to your self-care arsenal. A warm bath, a charcoal facemask, deep conditioning treatment, and a few candles will also go a long way toward helping you relax.

‘Tis the Terp Season by Josh Leone
Learn yoga.

If you need to unwind, yoga is the best way to loosen up. It’s free, and, as we know yoga explains, even a simple 10-minute yoga routine can help you shake off the chaos of the day. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to mend the mind and body, and you learn a little bit about yourself as you become more able to recognize how emotional stress affects you internally.


Indulge in online shopping.

When you feel like a candle at the end of its wick, one surefire way to reignite your spark is with a little retail therapy. But when your budget says canned food but your taste screams caviar, you’ll have to find a few ways to shop ’til you drop without dropping the bomb on your bills. The solution: shop online at major retailers, like Belk. Between the site’s expansive clearance selection and deals and promo codes you can find online, you can indulge without guilt.


Visit friends.

The Wonderoak blog says it beautifully: “Friendship is the most important form of self-care you can invest in.” Spend some of the time you would spend on the road or in the air with friends and family. If you are concerned about spreading the virus, keep your gatherings outdoors and insist on wearing masks (bonus points if they are funny) and staying six feet apart.

Mushroom Soup by Amy Lee
Eat well.

Food is fuel for the body and soul, and if you plan to have friends over, you will always make memories around the table. Eat well and eat often. If you saved money for a trip that you can’t take, plan to spend it building an outdoor kitchen. This Old House estimates that this will cost $800 plus accessories and fixtures, but this is a small investment in your quality of life. Make sure that you have plenty of healthy snacks on hand for your guests or when you are winding down after an evening of camaraderie.


Look for free entertainment.

Have a week off? Use it wisely and affordably by looking for free entertainment. Many streaming services offer 30 days at no cost, and there are likely plenty of parks and natural areas in your hometown to take advantage of. You can also sign up for meal kits and snack boxes, several of which offer complimentary first delivery. The trick here is to remember to cancel before your trial period is up.


Your stay-at-home vacation does not have to be void of memories. From spending time with friends and family to learning how to do yoga, the above ideas are great ways to practice self-care when a beach getaway isn’t in the cards. By prioritizing yourself, you’ll beat pandemic burnout and will be energized and ready to tackle the next leg of this global crisis.


Looking to embrace cannabis? Herbage is your resource for helping you understand all this amazing medicine can do.

Visual Meditation

by Tab Moura

When seasonal depression first reared its head in my life, it consumed me… it tipped the scale and I fell into a cycle of depression that took a few years to learn to manage. Through counseling, diet and supplementing, and of course cannabis, I’ve found a lot relief through the years.

Between my epilepsy and my depression, I don’t always feel in control of where my mind wanders… so I am not very good at stereotypical “meditation.” I know we’ve all seen someone in a show cross their legs, pinch their thumb and finger together and begin saying “oooohmmmm…”

I am in no way an expert, and I won’t be teaching classes anytime soon, but I’ve learned a lot from trial and error. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned about meditation is it comes in many forms, and it’s helpful to start with something comfortable.


Today, I want to share my favorite way to center myself, it’s a visual process…
  • I imagine myself in a car, for me it’s a classic red car with a hard top and a big muffler. The details matter when it comes to a process like this, the goal is to be immersed; the windows are rolled down- it has manual windows (naturally) and crappy AC. There’s a luau girl on the dash, I’m listening to the radio (“Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay) and I can hear the map (that I’m not using) rattle, blowing in the wind in the back seat.
  • Some days all I need to do is get myself in the driver’s seat, and that’s enough to reset my mood. But sometimes I have to keep going. What kind of road am I on? What time is it? What’s outside the window? What is the weather like? I have taken this vision many directions.


What I’ll leave you with, is this encouragement: your goal is to to be in the driver seat. Whether that’s metaphorical, or literal, is up to you… but the vision is meant to be gentle. It’s meant to be a breath of fresh air. A way to pace yourself. Soak it up.


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Winter Wellness

by Amy Lee

Managing mental wellness is a daily struggle for many people, in fact, it is said that approximately 43.8 million adults in the United States identify with at least one mental illness.

The most common mental illnesses throughout the United States include anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorder (alcohol included), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and PTSD.

The winter months may prove to be especially difficult for individuals already suffering from one or more mental illnesses. The struggle to stay balanced mentally during the winter may be attributed to the shift in the body’s natural rhythm as the sky gets brighter later in the morning and darker earlier in the evening.

This seasonal shift alone is responsible for the condition “seasonal depression”. Seasonal depression affects 14% of Americans annually. Although the shift in daylight may seem small, it plays a major factor in the rhythm of the body. Pairing societies already massive mental wellness crisis with a national health pandemic has me worried, to say the least.

A national survey on mental health during the coronavirus pandemic hosted by The Single Care, states that 59% of Americans are aware their mental wellness is being affected in a negative manner. If you find yourself also struggling, below I have highlighted some winter wellness tips along with strains and the terpene profiles that support the endocannabinoid system best for the most common mental illnesses.

  1. Make a plan for each day to accomplish.
  2. Keep up with your personal hygiene.
  3. Stay stocked in medicine for at least a week at a time.
  4. Schedule weekly calls with friends and loved ones.
  5. Add 15-30 minutes of movement to your day via a walk, yoga, anything!
  6. Know your triggers and have a plan of action.
  7. Take advantage of virtual therapy.
Here are some of the top-rated strains to support mental wellness during the winter months.
  • OG Kush – Relieves stress, anxiety, and stimulates the CB1 receptors.
  • Headband – Mood enhancing.
  • Northern Lights – Wonderful for bipolar.
  • Green Crack – Helps depressive symptoms and is a wonderful motivator.
Some of my favorite terpenes for winter months are found in many different strains, so if there is a symptom you suffer from more, search for a strain that is higher in those terpenes. That profile will support the endocannabinoid system in the areas you desire specifically.
  • Caryophyllene – A common terpene found in many strains. This terpene is a favorite of mine because of the unique response it has in the body. This terpene responds with both CB1 and CB2 receptors and assists in relieving stress symptoms and calms the mind and body. A wonderful terpene for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress-related symptoms.
  • Limonene – This bright and sunny terpene is an instant
    mood booster and energizer which is helpful for those
    suffering from depression or anxiety.
  • Linalool – Provides a sweet floral smell romancing the
    nose and body into a soothing calm.

Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357), (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service) or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. Callers can also order free publications and other information. 


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Let’s Talk Self Care During Isolation

 The world has changed drastically in the past month for us in Oklahoma and of course the entire world. Social distancing and isolation are important yet, we can also agree that it is HARD. Staying at home can start to feel like the same four walls almost staring back at you and the silence can be so loud! Never fear, here at Herbage we feel your pain and have a list of Self Care routines that will lift your spirits, pass the time, and help you focus on positive healing while stuck at home.



If meditation doesn’t come easy to you or is something you have never done before this is the perfect time to start. Both Calm and Headspace are great apps available on the Google Playstore and Itunes that will walk you step by step through the process and help as you gain momentum in your practice.


I can’t tell you enough how much Yoga can help both your body and mind relax. The DownDog Yoga App on both the Itunes and Google Play Store is great for both beginners in the practice and those more experienced. the app usually costs money but right now they are offering it for free due to social isolation until May 1st!


Exercise is important especially for those of us missing our gym routine. There are a ton of free work out routines available on youtube as well as this online library.

Read a Book/ Listen to an Audio Book

Reading a book for self-reflection or for fun can really get your mind off things right now. Reading not your thing? Try an audiobook instead!

Start a Garden

Patios, windows, and yards Oh My! You can plant a garden pretty much anywhere no matter where you are isolated from an apartment to a home with land. Check out these fun ideas to get yours up and growing.

Bake Something

It will make the house smell so good! Try some of these yummy recipes.

Research Something You Have Always Wanted to do

Have you ever wanted to learn another language, astrology, or how to paint? Now is the time to learn.

Spring Clean Your Space

Who wants to spend isolation in a stink hole?

Find a new Favorite Podcast

Check out some on Spotify, seriously you will thank me later.

Have a Home Spa Self-Care Day

Face masks, manicures, pedicures, and salt baths. That sounds like a lovely stay-at-home spa day, don’t you think?

Start a Blog

Talk about your experience from being in isolation or talk about some of your favorite things! It is your blog, do what you want! Check out these tips on how to get one started.

Cuddle With Pets

They love you and can feel how stressed out you are. Show those fur babies some love and you will be amazed at how it will help you remain calm too.

Get outside for a walk

Keeping distance and being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t breathe some fresh air and go for a neighborhood walk! Soak in some of that Vitamin C!