Local Strain Discovery

by Brittney Graham

     Getting your Medical Marijuana card is just the beginning of your new adventure into plant-based healing and a whole new community of like-minded people. Figuring out which strain works best for your body and how to ingest it for optimal results is all part of the journey but can get confusing. For instance, I have done a ton of research on strains trying to find the ones I would like to try to find that they are not in my local area to purchase. For this reason, I have hunted down local cannabis strains and their benefits so your journey might not have to take so long. All of the following strains can be found in the Oklahoma City area, I will not be stating particular dispensaries.

Animal Mint

Animal Mint is an Indica dominant cross between Animal Cookies and Thin Mint GSC.  It helps with stress, depression, headaches, insomnia, and lack of appetite. The negative is dry mouth so be sure to have a lot of water nearby and a couch to relax in.

Watermelon Zkittlez

Watermelon Zkittlez is an Indica Dominant cross between Zkittlez and Watermelon. This adds to the fruity flavor profile for sure! It helps with depression, stress, headaches, and pain. As with other strains on this list, be sure to have water nearby as dry mouth seems to be the only reported negative side effect.


Zookies is a 50/50 hybrid cross between Animal Cookies and Original Glue. If you’re looking for strong effects without the couch lock, this strain is the one for you! It helps with stress, cramps, pain, lack of appetite, and depression. Dry mouth has been reported as a side effect as well as a headache. For this reason, when you are smoking be sure that the ash is white after you smoke. If not, the plant was not flushed of its nutrients properly and could be the cause of the headache.

Green Crack

The name can be a little unsettling but don’t let it fool you, this strain is pure Cannabis. Green Crack is a sativa strain originating from Skunk#1 and is sometimes referred to as Green Cush. It helps with depression, fatigue, pain, and headaches. It is also helpful with energy and staying focused on tasks. This one boasts a little more side effects than the others such as; dry mouth, dry eyes, anxious, paranoid, and dizziness.


Tangie is a Sativa remix strain originating from Tangerine Dream. Be ready for some fruity flavors and sticky buds on this one! It helps with depression, stress, pain, fatigue, and headaches. Side effects are the same as Green Crack with dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, paranoia, and dizziness.


Headband is an Indica leaning hybrid cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. long-lasting effects are great for pain relief, helping you to relax, and to combat elevated stress levels. Many have reported that the effects create a slight pressure around the crown of their head and feels as though they are wearing a headband. It helps with stress, depression, pain, headaches, and insomnia. Bring water as cotton mouth seems to be the most reported side effect for this strain!

Alien OG

Tahoe OG and Alien Kush joined forces and created the Indica dominant hybrid Alien OG. Its intense high combines heavy body effects and a psychedelic cerebral buzz. Which is why I have saved it for the end of my list! Beginners and novices, be sure to take it slow with this heavy-hitter. It helps with stress, pain, depression, insomnia, and fatigue. Dry mouth and Dry eyes are the reported side effects so be sure to prepare accordingly.

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