First Home-Grow Harvest

by Kayla Johnson

As the number of cannabis patients in Oklahoma continues to soar ever upward, the number of patients who are choosing to grow cannabis at home is rising as well. While the industry shows no signs of slowing down in terms of sales, there’s no denying that patients here are loving their right to grow at home, and for many who chose to grow outside, the first harvest is upon them. Patients who received the license early on and those who decided to grow indoors may have harvested before now, but for them, and for those about to chop down their first plant, the feeling is the same: absolutely freeing. 

For some, it’s the freedom from the cost. While prices are becoming more balanced from top to bottom, it’s still hard to find a quality ounce for less than $250 in most parts of the state. While some patients grow so that they can solely consume what they produce for themselves, others still prefer to purchase some, while supplementing with what they grow themselves, and most find that even if they were only able to produce a few ounces per plant, the savings are still quite substantial in the long run. The rural communities especially have quite a battle with the high prices, especially when those who don’t live in a town with a dispensary have to drive just to buy it. It doesn’t take long before the costs begin to add up, and for patients who need a higher dose for their medical condition, it can be as expensive as some pharmaceuticals. Being able to grow their own at home, up to six plants and six seedlings at any time, is a complete game changer for the patients who need it the most, and allows them to get the absolute most bang for their buck, especially if they make their own edibles or other uses that require large amounts of flower, such as pressing their own concentrates. 

For others, there’s the freedom of being able to grow and supply themselves with the strains that they know work well for their medical needs. If your choices are limited at your local dispensary, you may not always be able to get the strains that you need if you have to pick and choose from what’s available, or even know for sure what you’re getting. For those who have started to grow at home, being able to stock your shelves at home with the strains that work for you is worth the time and effort it takes. This is another reason why growing at home is become a common trend with patients who live in some of Oklahoma’s more rural communities and smaller towns, where it isn’t always as easy as it is in the larger cities to find specific strains or products.

For many patients, there’s a special kind of freedom that gardening of any kind brings, even growing in a tent in your home. Even if you only spend thirty minutes each evening tending to your plants, that’s thirty minutes that your mind is free to focus on something other than whatever’s stressing you in your life. For many, gardening of any kind is a type of meditation, and that’s especially true for cannabis growers at home, even if you don’t realize it. Feeling at ease in your home, or in your backyard, watching your plants grow each day encourages wellness, and being healthy in all aspects of your life is a freeing experience in itself. 

Whatever their reasons for growing their own medicine at home, ask just about any grower how it feels to smoke or consume what they grew, and they’ll probably answer about the same: liberating. Some may even say it’s indescribable, and they’re all right. It’s the same concept as growing your own vegetables; there are few things better than growing it yourself, pouring love, sweat, and occasionally tears into the dirt, and being able to feel and taste that in the end product when you consume it. All good things are worth the effort, and cannabis is no exception.

Patients in Oklahoma have waited a long, long time for medical cannabis, and while there is still a lot of work to be done, there’s something truly incredible about watching patients share their growing stories with each other, along with their tips and knowledge openly, and without fear. Whether they’re chopping down their first plant, or getting seeds ready for their third round, patients in Oklahoma have a lot to appreciate in addition to the strength of the industry, and having the freedom to grow your medicine at your home is certainly one thing worth celebrating. Here’s to you, home growers, and your first (or second, or third, etc) of hopefully many harvests. 


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