November Strainology

by Rayne Graham

Your November 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it! Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Scorpio Season! Since it is your time to shine dear Scorpio, we are going to start with your strainology first! November is going to be a time for fun and friends so be ready for a high energy level. You will also be feeling quiet content right about now where your finances are concerned If you have been taking the past few months to develop those areas of your life. This should be a joyous birthday season indeed. Stay elevated and energized with the hybrid Runtz to celebrate your birthday the right way. 

Sagittarius:  October had your schedule filled and honestly November is looking the same way dear Sagittarius. It is important to take some time out for yourself and recharge from time to time or you might find yourself burnt out before the Christmas Festivities begin. Stay calm through it all without losing your energy by grabbing the hybrid Dairy Queen. 

Capricorn:  Career is the key word for you this month Capricorn. Well, “creative ideas” comes in as a close second to it. You can’t seem to fail when it comes to brainstorming on your own or with co workers so why stop now? Stay creative and ready for anything with the Hybrid Safety Meeting. 

Aquarius:  Stay focused on manifesting in areas of your personal life and career this month dear Aquarius and you will see great things coming your way. Be sure to follow any ideas you have; how can you decide one isn’t a good one if you haven’t tried it yet? Help calm your nerves without lpsing any energy to try out all those ideas by grabbing the Hybrid Banana Mango. 

 Pisces: Money isn’t usually something you think too often about dreamy little fish, that is why I am here to let you know that November is a good time to get something as trivial as finances in order. No worries, it isn’t as boring as it sounds, and you might even have a stroke of luck where investments are concerned. If seeing green is stressing you out grab the Indica Diamond OG and puff puff relax. 

 Aries Love is in the air for you this month Aries. If you are currently in a relationship expect the vibes to be just right unless one of you has a secret, expect that to be exposed before months end. If you are single, be ready for some admirers to start making themselves more known to you. Either way, take your love life out of this atmosphere by picking up the Hybrid 10th Planet. 

 Taurus:  November brings you the chance to work on some of that infamous stubbornness and jealousy dear Taurus. Be sure to take a moment when you are feeling either of these emotions in any aspect of your life this moment and be mindful of your words and actions and you will still be invited to the Christmas parties next month. Stay calm cool and collected by grabbing some of the Indica White OG Flower. 

Gemini:  November is like your spring-cleaning month Gemini. It is time to tidy up, get that to do list done, and work on any minor details you have been putting off. Trust me, you will feel much better after you accomplish everything that has made it to your procrastination list. Stay lifted and motivated while checking off your to-do’s by grabbing the Hybrid Black Fire Roze. 

Cancer:  Creativity and love are the focus of your month dear Cancer. You are most likely to get what you desire when it comes to the romantic part of your life for November. On the flip side, you are most likely to create what you desire in your career as well. With everything going on it might be a good idea to grab the Hybrid Thin Mints GSC to help take time for yourself every now and then this month. 

Leo: You are all set to host for November Leo and you seem to be most excited about it. You will be having family and friends over this month to enjoy the harvest season, with an emphasis on the family part. Stay both energized for all your events and balanced so you don’t go crazy with all the details by picking up the Hybrid Lemon Tree. 

Virgo:  There seems to be an important decision weighing heavenly on your mind dear Virgo that is taking you away from the holiday fun. Support from your family and friends will make you feel more at ease about what is the right choice for you. Clear your mind and keep calm during this time of big decisions with the Hybrid Pink Lemonade. 

Libra:  There might be a chill in the air, but it is hot and spicy in your love life for November Libra. Be ready whether you are single or committed, there are sure to be New Year fireworks early this year for you. Keep it all sweet by grabbing the Hybrid Candy Store and enjoy your fiery month! 

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