Cannabis is Medicine- Like It or Not, A Letter to the Government


by Veronica Castillo

Dear United States Government,

Many of us grew up in a time where weed/ marijuana/ cannabis was taught to be negative; a bad drug. Remember the fried egg commercial: “this is your brain (whole egg), this is your brain on drugs (cracked egg frying), any questions”? Such loads of buffalo crap when focusing on Cannabis and the human body.

What I know for sure is that alcohol was never a part of that message and those like it. We have a huge double standard out here on the West of the globe. For the most part, doctors push prescription meds instead of plant meds, holistic coaches are under appreciated, and instead of recommending plants- healthcare here in the U.S prefers the masking method: a pill for this condition and another for the side effects of the 1st one, then another for the side effects of the 1st two and so on.

In this country, you- the U.S government, glorify the consumption of alcohol. I mean go to many parties, events, and even corporate gatherings- and liquor will be found and there is a dance and celebration around it. Go to a team outing and liquor is allowed to be expensed. Taking a flight? Alcohol is available on your way to the airport, it is available in the airport, and even on the plane-no prescription needed, no recommendation necessary. Note that there are 0 medicinal benefits for alcohol, yet, you allowed prohibition of that deadly and non-medicinal drug to be no more.

Cannabis treats a number of conditions, and in my opinion, there is nothing that Cannabis can’t help with. M.S, migraine, depression, anxiety, cancer, PTSD, and many more- all of which are protected by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and yet ADA doesn’t protect Cannabis patients- shame on you!

“But Cannabis alters your mind”, so does love. “Smoking causes cancer”, possibly, but you don’t have to “smoke” Cannabis. “Legal Cannabis means more crime”, definitely a lie proved by bodies of research out there. I believe that lies were created to scare us, like the author of “It’s all thought” says:

We are headed into 2021, and there are mountains of research that show and prove the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. It’s time for full legalization- no more prohibition! For those that smoke, eat, vape, etc. Cannabis, regardless of the intention of use- those folks are treating- maybe even before needed, like a preventative. Cannabis is medicine no matter the reason for consumption!

With over half of the states legalizing for medicine, and the growing number of states legalizing Cannabis for recreational consumption, we the plant loving people of America demand that you CUT THE CRAP AND THE LIES AND LEGALIZE A PLANT THAT WILL SAVE LIVES! U.S government, it is your duty to protect and serve and instead you are dictating and harming!

This country seems to be run like a corporate business- FOR PROFIT. From a profit perspective, I see your ugly agenda. You can’t have a world filled with happy people in no pain because pain means money, i.e.: hospitals, pharmacies, and the makers of the poison that many doctors push.

Hemp has been released from the governments jail and we are becoming more accepting of CBD but- you- U.S government, are still so scared of THC. Alcohol can turn into “drunk” and pills can turn into an “opioid high”, which both alter the mind, body movements, and voice.

Are you against Cannabis THC because THC helps broaden perception and perspective and you don’t want free thinking people? Too scared that society will connect and see through your tom foolery?

Final Thoughts

You- U.S government say that THC is habit forming and therefore bad- yet, morphine is legal and used. You say that THC is a narcotic and therefore illegal- yet, Percocet/Oxy are legal and used. To me, the bigger lie is that the drugs above are schedule II- meaning they have medicinal value. THC- schedule I- meaning no medicinal value- I call B.S! And I am not the only one.


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