Oregon Canna-cation, Cannabis Businesses to Lookout for When Visiting



Oregon is to me, a hippie loving- Cannabis embracing- vegan haven. It seems that there is food and Cannabis on every corner. Portland is like, home of the food trucks. Driving around Portland means seeing at least 3 food truck courts within a 15 min drive; that’s been my experience. It is definitely a place that cannabis lovers want to plan a canna-cation. Spending time in Oregon introduced me to so many amazing Cannabis businesses.

From flower to beverages, to edibles, to infused coffee- Oregon was the place that I experienced the range of beauty in Cannabis. It is also the place that I chose for my tribute to Cannabis- talk about a canna-cation. I lived on Cannabis-hemp farms in honor of the Cannabis, during the first time that it was 420 all month long- April 2020.


Here are some of my favorite Cannabis-based businesses in Oregon:

Plain Jane– a hemp CBD company- on a mission to support multiple communities by trying to right the wrongs by giving back. Plain Jane has a product line ranging from flower, to oils, to salves, to shatter.

Vital Leaf– one of my 420 sponsors! Vital Leaf is a purpose-driven CBD wellness company that infuses the healing potential of Phyto-cannabinoid-rich hemp extract into their line of CBD products. Their line includes chocolates, oils, and body balms.

Melanin Minerals– a plant-based, medicated and non-medicated skincare company owned and operated by black women. Their line includes hemp CBD infused products like gummies, lotions, and bath bombs.

Fern Valley Farms– my 2-week farm living sponsor in Medford, Oregon! They have such a beautiful hemp farm with products that range from flower, topicals, premium shake, and more.

Ocean Green Healing– a company that makes topicals and bath bombs using locally sourced, wild-harvested, and organic ingredients. A Boring Life- one of my 420 sponsors! They create chef-curated snacks to support a more relaxed lifestyle


Written By: Veronica Castillo

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