Exploration of Cannabis and Hemp- Cross-County Travel to Oregon


I left home for the road in 2018, on a journey to explore Cannabis and hemp. I traveled from OH to the west coast- which is part one of the journey. I am actively in part one- writing this piece from Oregon- a Cannabis lover’s must-visit states. Prior to Oregon, I traveled all legal Cannabis states on the west: Colorado, Nevada, California, and Washington. My favorite is Oregon. That surprises a lot of people because well- there used to be a ban on black people here- in their history of course- but still a reality. My experience traveling Oregon has been nothing less than great- specifically in Portland and surrounding areas. The one thing I don’t like and can do without- rain season. As a Florida girl, born and raised- rain season doesn’t work for me.

But, spending time in Portland is amazing and is very much like “come as you are, we love you anyway”.

It is also very much: CBD infused coffee from Tiny’s, CBD infused pizza from Bella’s Pizza and CBD sodas from just about anywhere. Simply put, there is Cannabis everywhere you look here, and that means dispensaries on every corner- literally.


Oregon has been great to me.

It gave me my first Cannabis- hemp, farm living experience. As I type, I am sitting at the Botanical Joints farm in Oregon. I honored Cannabis this month by living on hemp farms. It’s no surprise that I found farms to sponsor me. The people of this state love Cannabis as much as I do. Before arriving here, I spent two weeks in Medford, OR on Fern Valley CBD farm.

Oregon allows me to be weird, they welcome it. Being in Portland means that you will see signs that read “Keep Portland Weird”. It means attending amazing Cannabis industry events and meeting the hands behind award-winning strains.

Loving Cannabis and traveling to Oregon means that you will have the pleasure of smelling terpenes throughout the day because Oregon embraces the love of Cannabis like no other place I’ve visited (in my opinion).


Written By: Veronica Castillo