Ouroboros Still Starving

Ouroboros Still Starving

by James Bridges


I needed my brain to be stopped. I was driving through the backroads and I had about 30 minutes left to get home.

Here’s the plan:
Close the garage, strip off all unnecessaries, zip, twist, burn, movie, darkness…

First I needed the right fuel. Immediately I thought of Hermetic Flower Co. I mean, if you want to be gifted the unseen magic of the universe you may want to give them a shot.

Ice Cream Cake sounded perfect.

Let’s say “I made it home” before breaking into the sweet earthy aroma with a hint of nilla’ in there.

The strain itself is one that I really desire. It takes away a ton of my anxiety. I recommend it for those of you that may have problems with sleep and anxiety.

The Hermetic Flower Company team really has something special going on. Every strain I have tried is solid. However, this Ice Cream Cake by Hermetic Flower Co. is really lifting them as part of an elevated group of growers.

Now off to darkness. The Ouroboros has sputtered out.