July Lotus Letters

by Kathy Long-Barker


Proprium Creedence

Feeling a little worn from the weight of societal egoic upkeep, you slump into the nearest chair, wanting nothing more than to take some tea and trudge off to bed. Sighing, you reach into your pocket and find something a little crumpled. It has a string…and a stamp. Another letter!

Quickly unraveling the bow, you dive right in. Anything to escape the swirling thoughts of obligation…

June Lotus Letter


Dearest Daring Divine, 


How I wish we could be speaking under more optimistic and sunny dispositions, but the world is a little chaotic right now isn’t it? Yes yes, with the fear mongering, and the lying, and the HYPOCRISY! I know. 

So many things hidden from us…so many secrets. It all feels so disempowering.

Sometimes looking back I wonder how any of us managed. But it’s really not all bad. After all, we have each other and we also have ourselves. The biggest challenge, it would seem, is the staggering lack of belief  individuals have in themselves as of late. For Pete’s sake! Some people would be stopped by a wet paper bag if they were told it could actually hold them! They think they’re that powerless. Now, let’s not misunderstand. Human beings as a whole have been doing much better with that issue in comparison to other eras. Still, the quality of the conviction could use a tune up. Admittedly, you are reading these letters…. psh , you wrote them, FROM THE FUTURE OoOoOoO….So i’m confident a paper bag would be no issue. 


Getting down to brass tax here, SELF TRUST.  I just want to review it with you in case you’ve forgotten. Earth realm tends to do that now and again. So if you need a reminder, that’s ok. Here it is, you ready?



I will tell you again and again and again until it is known.


I wish making the difficulty of this dimension less harsh was as easy as giving you a specific crystal or a bundle of sage. Alas, it wouldn’t do a damned thing if the outcome to said problem were hinged entirely on the tools, while your own source energy was tossed to the wayside without acknowledgment.
If you think a rock is going to fix everything for you, you’re mistaken. You’re still searching for answers on the outside. The answers, the trust, the belief must come from within. You must know and understand that YOU are the answer. Anything else is simply a tool of amplification that you are choosing to utilize. However it is not necessary.


When we are presented with hurdles and challenges in life, a dismal outcome isn’t the result of us not being enough. It’s the result of fear, and our giving into it. “Fear is the mind killer” was an accurate statement. It’s like an EMP for our system. Nothing is reading right, we can’t function and everything begins to sputter and fail. 

You see it in game shows when two people are pitted against each other. Whoever hits the buzzer first with the right answer wins. They’re so afraid of going home they hit the buzzer before they fully register the question and then their mind goes into static. That’s fear. 

We see it again when we have a large obstacle like a vet visit. The outcome is important to us. 

What is the common mistake? The “what if game” which is one of fear’s favorite vehicles. 

The Universe doesn’t respond to what you want. It responds to what you send out. SO if you want your pet to be healthy, but all you do is play the ‘what if she doesn’t make it’ game, or the ‘what if I can’t pay the bill and get her that surgery’ game, the universe isn’t going to respond with her health. It’s going to respond to your fear, and give you something to be scared of. More and more spiraling until the very reason for your worries is brought to fruition. 


If you would have trusted yourself in the first place the outcome may have been different. I’m not saying you always get to keep your pets in that example, but if you knew you focused every amount of intention towards the outcome you wanted, you can know for sure you didn’t conjure the outcome you got if it wasn’t optimal. 


So, sticking with the pet example, the next time you have to take your fuzzy friend for a check up and get some not so exciting news, remember to breathe and visualize what life will be like once you get past this challenge together. Imagine your pet happy, healthy, and healed in your arms. Imagine them more energetic and playful. The challenge that you two faced is a distant memory that you overcame. – and then open your eyes and do what you can to aid the situation. Pick up an extra shift, mow some lawns, do some research on home remedies. 

Set your intention, trust yourself and your manifestation abilities, and then shift with the universe towards your highest goal. No fear. Just Trust. 


All my love to you Starseed. 

Until we meet again, – the YOUniverse.