Patient of the Month – Logan Beasley

by Kayla Johnson

For so many Oklahomans, the world of cannabis is one that they had little, if any, experience in, simply because it’s been an illegal one here for so long. Other states, like California, have a much longer history with legal and medical cannabis, and for their residents, it was just another facet of life there. For a California girl living in Oklahoma, however, it’s like a dream come true. 

Logan Beasley, a native of northern California, says that she was no stranger to cannabis culture when she was growing up. “I was born in Mendocino County, it’s well known for cannabis. It is and always has been a culture out there, and it was just instilled in me as a kid.” Life changed, and Beasley found herself moving back and forth from California to Oklahoma. “I grew up with my mother, who was very pro-cannabis, and in Oklahoma, I was living with other family members who had a completely different view on cannabis, which was difficult, and needless to say, I became a difficult teenager.” 

In spite of these issues and disagreements with family, as an adult and full-time student, Beasley says that her thoughts haven’t changed much. “My opinion is about the same. I still believe in the healing power of cannabis, but I’m blown away to see the science backing it up, it’s phenomenal.” 

Beyond the science that’s mounting up in favor of cannabis, Beasley has seen what cannabis can do in her own life, both for her own health, and her loved ones. “I use cannabis for many ailments. It helps with my anxiety, my back pain, inflammation, and it helps me get the best night’s sleep, every night, with no side effects. My list could go on and on.” Besides being a patient herself, Beasley is also a caregiver for her grandmother, who has terminal cancer. “In the beginning of June 2018, the cancer treatment center had stopped treatment, and gave her only a few months to live. She then began using CBD oil, and in August, she was able to get her card. 14 months later, she’s still here! She’s still sick, but the time she’s gained has been a miracle for us, you can’t put a price on that.” Beasley, married with two sons, says that she and her husband, also a patient, are open with their children about cannabis and its uses as medicine. “We like to be real with them. We believe education is key, because they are the next generation to carry this on.” That openness is extended to the rest of their family, where the reactions are a mixture of positive and less than receptive. “Most of our family members are open to listen and learn about medicinal cannabis, but definitely not all. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma that we continue to fight, but I believe it will end one day. Science is proving the naysayers wrong every day.”

While the industry has done incredibly well so far, Beasley points out two areas she wishes there was more of a focus on. “I would like to see more terpene profiles. I truly feel that terpenes and other cannabinoids outside of THC could be the future of medicine. I’d also really, really love to see more affordable medical cannabis products out there for patients. There are many people in need of specific cannabis products, but they either can’t find them, or can’t afford them when they do find them.”

Beyond the affordability of products for patients, Beasley also believes in the importance of continuing to educate people about cannabis and how it works with their body, and she says it can be one of the best first steps someone can take when they’re looking into cannabis as medicine. “I think potential patients should research the endocannabinoid system. It surprises me how many people use cannabis that do not understand how, or why, cannabis works. Education is the key, because there are so many cannabinoids besides THC that are beneficial.”

For Beasley, there’s no doubt what she enjoys most about having her medical cannabis card: “The FREEDOM! I am learning to grow my own cannabis as a patient and a caregiver, and I’m very thankful to have that privilege. I’m grateful to be recognized by the state as a patient, and not a criminal.” Like other patients, she’s found a real sense of community with other growers, and says she has met some inspirational people along the way. “The cannabis community is full of kind, gracious people, many of whom are so willing to help teach you the medical benefits, dosage techniques, and growing advice, which is truly invaluable. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made, and the knowledge I’ve gained. I’m paying it forward by sharing that knowledge with others along the way. We’re all in this together.”


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  • This is my Logical daughter, she is amazing..Her ability to understand the health benefits of cannabis is wonderful. She started to leran about medical Marijuana to help her terminal grandmother. I Love your hearts Logan & Scotty .your an amazing couple..


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