Patient Profile – Kimberlee Green

by Rayne Graham

Once a child on the Autism spectrum reaches a certain age, their pediatrician will basically ask the child’s parents what they want to try when it comes to treatment long term options. With every option laid out coming with a list of side effects and regressive research behind them this can be a very scary scenario for a parent. Kimberlee Green, our July patient of the month, didn’t want that for her child and wants to help other parents who feel the same way by lending her voice to the cause.

Kimberlee and her husband took a leap of faith when they started researching medical marijuana treatments for their son Lincoln, but it was a jump they are both grateful for taking. Fortunately, when they brought the notion that they wanted to start a more natural treatment for their sons Autism, his pediatrician wasn’t against it at all. Pick up your jaw off the floor from disbelief because I had to do the same. The doctor simply stated that they needed to research it, track it, and update her regularly on Lincoln’s progress. Their luck with family and friends were more on the skeptic side however, but Kimberlee admits she was too before she became a medical marijuana patient herself. Growing up, she was sheltered from cannabis and didn’t try it until she became a patient herself.

“You don’t realize that as a parent of any child with any medical condition, it is your right and choice on how you want to medicate them whether it is pharmaceutically or naturally.” Let me tell you all, when Kimberlee made that statement, you would really feel the conviction in her voice. Too often are parents bullied by medical professionals or the people around them to make medical decisions and it’s a good thing to be reminded that isn’t the case at all!

When Kimberlee became an SQ788 patient, she took her time and researched what worked for her and what didn’t. She has a terpene sensitivity and through journaling and educating herself she was able to find the right health regimen for her body. When she got that down and felt how well it helped with issues, she was having, her and her husband realized they needed to start researching this for their son. That is when she went down the rabbit hole of green information to find what is good for the treatment of Autism.  The problem? There just isn’t enough education and information out there yet because people are mostly refusing to talk about their experiences. “There are too many stigmas out there when it comes to being a parent and we don’t need to add another one, I am sick of it!”

So, after all the research it was time for Lincoln to start on his medical journey. On February 19th, the day he became an official medical marijuana patient, he took his first dose of a CBD/THC mix. The next day was made of things parents dreams are made of: “I had a little boy sitting on my lap, who is completely nonverbal, giving me kisses and you could tell he wanted to talk to me. Now, he can officially say I love you mom.” His parents weren’t the only ones seeing his progress though, his therapist of two years wanted to know who this new child was by the end of February and what they had been trying.

Kimberlee wants everyone to know that this is not a magic medicine that automatically fixes everything. However, seeing the light in her son’s eyes and being able to have a true connection with him has been amazing so she just cannot keep quiet about it anymore! Infact, she stated she, “Wanted to scream and shout it from the rooftops.” She wants other parents to be able to receive the information from her experience and open their minds up to do more research into medical Cannabis. We all know this to be true, there just is not enough education out there and to get over that huddle we must be able to pull ourselves out of our comfort zones and talk about our experiences with this amazing plant.

Both Kimberlee and her husband are pioneers in Oklahoma when it comes to advocating and learning more about what they can medically do naturally for their child. So much so that in the coming months they will be facing yet another battle on this long road, Lincoln going to school. “We are going to have to advocate for our child within the school system so he can medicate the same way he has been every day at home. No matter what, it is a movement so keep advocating and do not give up!”.

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