by Jasmine Harvey
Herbage Magazine

What does pride mean to me?

The adversity which continues to face in the LGBTQ+ community. The love. The momentous occasions of ground breaking laws for the LGBTQ+ community and so much more!

In June of 1969 events took place that were the catalyst to the LGBTQ movement. On a hot night in June, a Stonewall bar in New York City was packed with people when eight undercover police officers entered the bar. In addition to the bar’s employees being arrested the night before, they also singled out drag queens and other cross-dressing patrons with arrests. Unfortunately a common practice as many other cities considered “masquerading” as a member of the opposite sex was a crime.

In the early hours of June 28, 1969, transgender women resisted arrest and bottles were thrown at police. This sparked the Stonewall riots and created the driving force for the fight for equality in the LGBTQ+ community.

So many have paved the way for all of us to love freely. For many years I have been on a journey to find who I am in life. My first journey was my sexuality. As a person who was always bullied and didn’t know how to properly stick up for myself, it was difficult to come to terms with who I am. Strictly out of the fear for the backlash it would create.

I knew early on without actually knowing that I was/am Bisexual. When puberty hit it became more clear as to who I was attracted to. Honestly I wasn’t completely sure until I hit high school and it definitely became clear to me that I am in fact attracted to both genders.

This realization opened up my world. How could I be attracted to both sexes? Surely this isn’t right? Something must be wrong with me, right?
I am completely and utterly good with who I am. After I worked through all those feelings. When it came to telling my mother, well that was difficult. There were tears and fear. My mother is accepting of who I am but it was still a shock to her and her outlook as to who I am. Nonetheless, she loves me regardless and always will.

When it comes to partners, upfront and honest is key. I have fallen in love with both male and female. My ultimate love came as male. But this is not to diminish the other part of me.

The LGBTQ+ community still has to fight for certain rights and the war is not yet won. Victories from battles fought ring loud and true. No matter your fight you have support. Family, friends or those in the community are there for you.

I have always been open to those who are in my life about who I am. I will never devalue myself for another being and neither should you.

Never falter.
Stay true.

Reach out to someone understanding if you battle with your sexuality.

You are a magnificent being!


Source: https://www.history.com/news/stonewall-riots-timeline

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